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Hi everyone!. I've recently released a mod called: Napoleonic Wars REDONE which changes the Napoleonic Wars DLC and makes it look like a completely New mod.

Mod Features:

-All units in game have reskinned uniforms (Except some Rheinbund Units)
-New Fire effect
-New animations
-New loading screen
-New music
-Improved textures and graphics overall (Grass, bushes etc)

Mod is a standalone and you will be able to play in Online servers like in the original Napoleonic Wars.

Download Link:

Download Instructions:

You'll need 7zip or Winrar.

-Go to the disk where your warband game is located and go to the directory: Steam/steamapps/common/Mount & blade Warband/ Modules and delete the Napoleonic Wars File you currently have (But do not delete it from the trash can, first youll have to see if the mod works and then you can delete it)

-Download the mod File

-Rename the File from Napoleonic_Wars_2 to Napoleonic Wars

-Extract it with 7zip or Winrar

-Copy and paste the Napoleonic Wars File where your warband game is located so for me its: E:/Steam/steamapps/common/Mount & blade Warband/ Modules

-Wait for the loading end then close everything and launch the game and select Napoleonic Wars


-the mod doesnt pop up in your launcher be sure to check if the Napoleonic Wars folder contains all files. It must Be Napoleonic Wars/ Data, GLshaders, etc and NOT Napoleonic Wars/Napoleonic Wars and all other files)

Credits and Considerations:
Many thanks to Docm and L'aigle for the uniforms and animations.!
I'm a huge fan of L'aigle mod and Docm is a great and experienced modder. It's sad that there is no multiplayer version of his mod so we decided to make one. all credits go to L Aigle!
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