Napoleonic Wars 1v1 NA Duel Tournament (15 dollars in prizes!)


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Napoleonic Wars 1v1 Duel Tournament


1st Place: Tammo
2nd Place: KillKan
3rd Place: Zorkoth

A fun tournament designed to test the skills and abilities of those who participate. The reward for winning is mostly bragging rights/respect, along with a small monetary prize for 1st and 2nd place. There are only a few rules and it will be designed to be fair and create as even as possible of a playing ground as to end any disputing over matches.

Important Update!

Some of you might wonder why so many people have bye's the first round, and I realize this might be rather annoying for some of you. But this is how the bracket randomized and I have tried several other bracket generator websites and they all result in the same thing. The best players will still advance so I will hope people may look past that one round that was granted to portion of the contestants. Now even if you have a bye for the first round you still need to show up tomorrow because most likely we will get to your match as well. The goal is to complete as many of the matches as possible tomorrow, and with 3 of them going on at the same time while being monitored by a approved referee, we will be able to move at a quick pace.

Matches will begin tomorrow at 6 pm EST, and will continue as along as necessary. The tournament will be held on the 2nd_QF_Server and the password will be tourney. We will be using Teamspeak for this event as a way to ease communications. If you do not have teamspeak it does not take long at all to download and is not difficult. If you do not have a mike, still join teamspeak so you may listen to instructions. The Teamspeak Ip is: There will be a tournament channel to join as well as sub channels for each match once your match is announced.

It is vital for everyone to do your best to show up tomorrow as to not hold up the tournament for others. If you cannot arrive directly on 6 pm est, join as soon as possible. If you cannot make your match for what ever reason, leave a reply with your name in the tournament, the reason you cannot make it, and when you will be able to play your match.

1. First to 7 kills will complete a duel/match.
2. Duels will take place on the same server (2nd QF server) as to avoid ping disputes.
3. The Bracket will be randomized once sign ups close, there will be changing this once sign ups close.
4. Duels consist of one player vs another player (fairly obvious)
5. Be good sports and show respect for your opponent.
6. All matches must be administered by myself or another that I approve of to over watch the duel to make sure rules are followed.
7. Line infantry units are the only ones allowed (no foot guards), and the bayonet is the only weapon to be used (no shooting).
8. Have fun!

1. Monty (Crackerjack494)
2. AsianP ([9e] AsianP)
3. Red (red62)
4. Doxy (Doxy)
5. Wolfbane (wwolfbane751)
6. Steelfist (Steelfister)
7. Vulcus (thunderorange)
8. Ghost (GhostlRecon)
9. Serpenta (Serpenta17)
10. Putana (LittlePutin)
11. Wablestomp2 (Wablestomp2)
12. TabooOlive (TabooOlive)
13. TheNinjaera (TheNinjaera)
14. Ghosty (NEC_Ghosty)
15. Menelaos ([1stKFI] Menalaos)
16. Millander ([1stFKI] Millander)
17. Gooner ([1stFKI] Goonster)
18. Xenocide (Theonlyrealninja)
19. S.r. Van Hulstein (Swordnl)
20. BobNLarry (BobNLarry)
21. Raktaran (Raktaran)
22. Smoe (They call me smoe)
23. Tico (Tico [2nd QF])
24. Coconut (Coconut)
25. Mcknight (Mcknight)
26. Zach (EvilemporerofRome)
27. Oosten ([1stFKI] Oosten)
28. Madbanshee (stevehill425)
29. Windlife (?)
30. Psycho (wouterverhoeven227)
31. Chase ([1stFKI] Chase)
32. Branok (branok91)
33. Tammo (2nd_QF_Tammo)
34. Sivart ([13te] Sivart)
35. Rohndra (rohndra)
36. Jewmallow ([9e]Jewmallow)
37. Meta_Faust (2nd_QF_Meta_Faust)
38. Ramzey (Ramzey125)
39. Pointblank (Pointblank992)
40. DarthJezus (DarthJezus)
41. NickF08 (Nickftw14)
42. Beretta92 (Beretta92)
43. Captain_Canada (lolz75:cool:
45. Sean (krotos321)
46. Richard (The Gamechanger)
47. Tesla (Kushaholic)
48. Flaggle (Flaggle)
50. Mindseak (Mindseak)
51. Tormidal (Shamrock1332)
52. Zach_Attack ([1stFKI] Zach_Attack)
53. Winters (darioush1000)
54. Killershark (?)
55. xXBloodThirstXx ([9e] xXBloodThirstXx)
56. Havoc (Havoc)
57. Bot (ZachCraft)
58. Cop ([1stFKI] Cop)
59. Tearjerkin (Tearjerkin)
60. Fletcher (Rustedglass2)
61. KillKan (bossmugabe)
62. Russian_Redneck (Russian_Redneck)
63. Ian (banshee18:cool:
64. MuffinsBorn (MuffinsBorn)
65. PlannedParenthood (PlannedParenthood)
66. Greenstar ((SeattleSteel) Greenstar)
67. Zorkoth (Zorkoth)
68. Jelly (Dr_Jellyfingers)
69. Savs (Savs (Reddit))
70. Sturnn (happyman1011)
71. Tuna (Fakenham)
72. Romulus (H4WKT4L0N)
73. Swagjay (sgtjerkoff)
74. Skullcandy (kingx360)
75. TJdietz (TJdietz)
76. Triberus (Triberus)
77. Rybonian ([1erVL]Strz_Maximus)
78. InfernoWolf (InfernoWolf)
79. The_Hawk (The_Hawk)
80. NorthK (NorthK)
81. Samurai_Blade (Samurai Blade)
82. Vaeronica (Vae)
83. Dutch (xdutchprincex)
84. KingKillerFirst (KingKillerFirst)
85. Crusader (crusader1212)
86. Pops_Mauler (PopsMauler)
87. Will (1stCI_1st_Sdt_Storm)
88. Rampage (yankees97)
89. Robert (robertobelt)
90. Cookie (Cookie Bake)
91. AntonioGG (delta35721)
92. OldGregg (97th_Ltcol_Old Gregg)
93. Thornox (philman51)
94. SlimShady (29th SlimShady)

Tournament Bracket:

As of now Sign ups will close this coming Friday the 17th, and matches will begin this Saturday the 18th. This is subject to change if more time is needed to get the appropriate number of participants (Est. 75-100 contestants) To sign up please list your name you would like to play as in a reply below and also your steam name as to be able to contact you.

Update! The Winner of the tournament will receive 10 dollars via Paypal and the 2nd place will receive 5 dollars via Paypal, this was generously donated by Red.

Contact Crackerjack494 on steam if there are any questions or leave a reply below and I will answer as soon as possible.

Good luck and have fun!


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I will only do this if I get a trophy like Hekko does it. My forum profile would be complete.