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The Napoleonic Wars Role Play Server was set up to provide an alternative experience to NW's dedicated community, and cater to the demands of those seeking the more serious of NW's historic gameplay. And now, as of June 2019, we have a North American server to provide gameplay for our North American player base with all the same (updated) features of our original EU server. Set up in early 2014, we aimed to provide the highest quality of role playing over a great variety of role plays and maps to the players who frequent our server. These do not necessarily have to be peaceful, such as Town RP and Prison RP, but often include specific battles or scenarios on custom maps designed from scratch with them in mind. New suggestions from our player base are being noted down, and are often implemented with a custom scene and set of rules. Over time, we have expanded upon the theme of role playing, with new, interesting additions being made such as the more recent Bastille, Assassination and the NRP Campaign. It is certain that we offer the NW community an unparalleled set of modes, designed for those who desire a more controlled, thematic experience of the Napoleonic era on Warband. The Kaiser Role Play and Napoleonic Role Play communities have banded together to host this new North American NRP server! North American players will now be able to enjoy all the great RP's both communities offer on an all-new server while also enjoying the same features on our original EU-based server.

Screenshots of gameplay

Server Rules
Rules are vital for keeping order within any public or private server, and are essential on such a large server with a focus on strict role play. Often, we are accused of trying to shape the game in a way that we like it by "enforcing role play", but that (RP) is the primary focus of the server, and so players should be prepared to learn and obey slightly more complex rules (which will differ depending on the mode being played) in order to keep within its boundaries and so improve their own experiences, as well as the experience of their fellow gamer.

Player rules for chatting
  1. Read the role play rules as the admins announce them in the admin chat.
  2. Do not spam the chat with similar or unnecessary messages.
  3. No racism, bigotry, misogyny or other form of discrimination.
  4. English only. Keep other languages to a minimum, or via external chat programs.
  5. Always try to use proper capitalization, spelling and sentence structures.
  6. Regiments are allowed to recruit once per 3rd round.
  7. Complain about decisions on the forums, not in the chat.
Player rules for playing
  1. Always follow the rules for the current role play on the server.
  2. No ramboing. You should always follow a regiment unless you're artillery. Sappers and naval troops should still follow officers or artillery.
  3. No surrender-killing. You should always wait for admin/officers command before killing a prisoner. You may only kill prisoners if they still have weapons on them.
  4. No delaying. You should be playing to win, not to run around like a fool.
  5. No BP/TNT spam. You should never waste buildpoints or spam explosives.
  6. No teamhitting. Never stab, shoot or throw grenades at friendly soldiers.
  7. No hacking, cheating or modding. Never use files that modifies the game online.
  8. No trolling. Never block artillery or take control of boats without permission.
  9. No intentional impersonation of an admin, nor unauthorized usage of their tags.
Admin rules for chatting
  1. No deviating from or circumventing the player rules for chatting.
  2. No leading regiments via the announcements unless the specific RP requires it.
  3. No recruiting for regiments via the announcements.
  4. No participating in everyday conversation with the players via the announcements.
  5. No random or irrelevant sentences via the announcements.
  6. No spamming via the announcements. ~1 message per minute.
  7. Write using proper capitalization, spelling and sentence structure.
  8. Only warnings, RP instructions and punishments should be told via the announcements.
Admin rules for playing
  1. No deviating from or circumventing the player rules for playing.
  2. Admins should be in our Teamspeak or Discord while they are admining.
  3. Admins may not spawn tools such as admin weapons or admin horses.
  4. Admins may teleport stuck players if it's possible, the player will get slain if not.
  5. Post in the admin group on Steam when the server requires another admin.
  6. Admins should use their tag while on duty. eg, server-abbreviation_role_username.
  7. Admins should announce their name change, unless temporary in the admin steam group.

If a rule isn't written down, it's most certainly not forbidden either. Eg, acting tri-hard in chat is not forbidden, nor is it forbidden to be named Stalin in-game. However, it is forbidden to spam in chat or to impersonate an admin in-game. The recruiting rule gives every regiment or clan permission to make one informative recruitment message per 3rd round, also containing a link to a steam profile, website or forum thread. This isn't done to harm or discriminate against regiments or clans, but to keep the chat open for conversations, orders and memes instead of it being filled with advertisements.

Admins use common sense when determining punishment, but they also use certain guidelines. They look at previous behavior, if it's a regular player and if there was a valid reason to bend a rule. Breaking a rule once and regularly breaking them everyday may lead to different punishments. Admins can make mistakes, but certain measures may be taken if it appears that they have deliberately broken the rules. Admins are the representatives of the community and should therefore be extra aware of the rules, show extra patience, restraint and respect. Common mistakes are often forgiven by the management and the players as long as the incident is reported. Eg, if an admin accidentally permanently ban a player and immediately report it on the Admin Steam Group or directly to someone with access to the ban list so the player quickly gets unbanned. However, if an admin has deliberately broken the rules, acts out as a threat against the existing hierarchy or if a valid complaint has been filed, then the admin can expect three possibilities; removal from the team, a warning or a demotion.

Napoleonic Dictionary
Trolls are acting contra-productively.
Rambos are running alone.
Delayers are not participating in the fight.
Teamhitters are shooting or stabbing mates on purpose.
Spammers are abusing build points or the chat.
Hackers are using scripts to alter the game experience.
Officer Aim means intentional aiming for the officer.
Fire in Charge means firing whilst engaged in melee.
Reload in Charge means reloading when the line you are part of is charging.
Fire out of Line means firing when you are not in formation.


  • Random nation versus random nation.
  • Infantry follow their officers and cavalry follow their general.
  • It's not allowed to kill surrenders. Line up in front of them and wait for the fire command from an admin or officer. Surrenders must announce it, drop their weapons and keep their hands up.
  • Anyone refraining from doing so may be killed (G then P).
  • Team balance should be even.

  • France (defenders) versus Russia (attackers).
  • The defenders (infantry) need to hold their ground inside the palace.
  • The attackers (partizani) need to kill every last enemy.
  • Balance should be in favor of Russia.

Line Battle
  • Random nation versus random nation.
  • Infantry follow their officers. There may or may not be cavalry.
  • Only light infantry and skirmishers are allowed to crouch.
  • Infantry may only fire while in formation.

  • Random nation versus Russia. Protect the General against Russian Spec-Ops.
  • All Russians must go partizani class and try to kill the General.
  • All defenders must protect the General until the time runs out or the enemy team is dead.
  • Cavalry should be deactivated.
  • Grenadiers may or may not be allowed.
  • Team balance should be in favor to the Russians.

  • Russia versus random nation. Maintain control of the Russian village.
  • Maps should contain village in their names.
  • All Russians must go partizani class and do commoner work with their tools.
  • All players of the other nation must guard the village, suppress violence and maintain order.
  • Russians may not revolt before the designated time has passed.
  • Non-violent Russians may not be killed before being rounded up in the city center to be executed by admins/officers orders.

  • Random nation (defenders) versus random nation (attackers).
  • One hostage will be brought to the defenders where s/he will be imprisoned.
  • The hostage has to be rescued by the attackers.
  • Victory if they safely get the hostage out of enemy territory or kill all the defenders.
  • The defenders win if the attackers are eliminated, if the hostage die during a escape or if the time runs out.

War & Peace
  • Random nation versus random nation. The preferable game mode is Battle.
  • The Generals may be handpicked by the admins before the round goes live.
  • Officers are responsible for their respective regiments.
  • All officers are expected to listen to and follow their Generals orders.
  • The game starts with a truce between the nations which may not be broken until both teams are in their fortresses and prepared to receive further orders.
  • War can only be declared by the Generals.
  • Traitors and disobedient soldiers may expect serious punishment.
  • Sappers are allowed to build fortifications.
  • Artillery is allowed, but may only fire after war is declared, just like all other troops.
  • Admin may order a charge if there's little to none fighting.

Infantry versus Cavalry
  • Random nation versus random nation.
  • Admins force either Infantry or Cavalry on the teams.
  • Infantry prepare a square formation at spawn.
  • Cavalry line up at spawn and wait for the charge command from the admins.
  • Sappers / barricades may or may not be allowed.

Cavalry versus Cavalry
  • Random nation versus random nation (except United Kingdom since they don't have lancers).
  • Admins force both teams to go cavalry.
  • Both teams line up at spawn and wait for the charge command from the admins.
  • Unleash havoc.

Capture the Church
  • Random nation (defenders) versus random nation (attackers).
  • The defenders have to keep the attackers from reaching the church and using the bells.
  • The defenders may not pass over the bridge.
  • Sappers may or may not be allowed.
  • Artillery is allowed for both sides.

Russian Revolution
  • Russia (imperialists) versus Russia (communists).
  • Team 2 (communists) must go partizani class.
  • Map should preferably be European City.
  • Team balance in favor of Team 2 (communists).

Storm the Palace
  • Random nation (defenders) versus Russia (attackers).
  • Defenders need to hold their ground inside the palace by using any means necessary.
  • Attackers need to kill every last enemy.
  • Balance should be in favor of Russia.

  • Russia (Soviet Union) versus Prussia (Nazi-Germany).
  • Map should be Landshut (Night)
  • Both teams may use sappers to build barricades.
  • Admins may decide if one team should try to push.
  • Red day every third round (melee only).

  • Random nation versus random nation.
  • Everyone must go infantry (no grenadiers, sappers, sailors or cavalry).
  • Two officers are decided to lead each team by the admins.
  • Everyone must walking with their officer in formation.
  • Follow admins commands. (halt, present, fire).

  • Change game mode to Siege and select map Fort Al Hafya (Night).
  • Prussia (defenders) versus United Kingdom (attackers).
  • Both teams are allowed to have Artillery and Grenadiers.
  • Prussia may also use Sappers.
  • UK must either capture the flag behind the enemy bunkers or kill the enemy commander.
  • Team balance in favor of United Kingdom.

  • France versus Prussia.
  • Map should be German Village (Morning).
  • Each round start with a peace period so everyone can get into their trenches.
  • Admin declares war after a certain amount of time.
  • Admin orders either of the teams to assault afterwards.

  • Random nation versus random nation.
  • Everyone must choose the officer class (officer limit to 100%).
  • Map should be Spanish Farm (Day).
  • Cavalry may or may not be allowed.

  • Random nation versus random nation.
  • The first team should try to reach a destination, eg. ship or fortress.
  • The second team should try to cut them off before they reach the destination.
  • The first team may not start fighting before the second team has arrived.
  • The first team win by getting ~5 players to the destination.
  • The second team wins by killing all enemies or by stopping them from reaching the destination until the time limit is up.

  • Arabian Harbour (Night) above 100 players and Naval Battle (Day) below 100 players.
  • It's not allowed to start steering the ships before admins command.
  • Everyone must by default go ship crew class (may depend on map/mode).
  • Grenadiers are deactivated.
  • Artillery may or may not be allowed.

Useful links

NWRP Forums (Information, Unbans, Complaints & Admin Applications)
NWRP Discord
NWRP Steam Group
Hosted by the 59th Regiment of Foot

Official copypasta

Battle RP is inherently quite complex, with countless moving parts and a seemingly endless set of potential outcomes for every player. The difference is, it has no scripts or mechanics to allow this to happen. All of it-almost every single event or action in the RP-is drive by players making decisions. Players choose Officer Roles, who will then lead lines of players who will choose ranker and follow the officer. The officers ability to give orders and have his team follow them are just as important as his ability to actually make GOOD decisions. The officer's fighting ability is arguably second to his ability to command. The ranker-while in name actually just rank and file cannon fodder-is extremely important. His cohesion with his fellow men in the line, his fighting ability and his faith/morale has a profound affect on the capabilities of his group. If the "morale" of the rankers is broken and they believe they are beaten, discipline collapses and they scatter or flee. This is as close to a real life scenario as can be emulated in any multiplayer game. Take this one dynamic and multiply it by about 5, and you have Battle RP. You have several lines of varying size and strength, all in different areas. You have cavalry, a whole entire different dynamic, and artillery. Whilst you are firing volleys at an enemy line, elsewhere the cavalry competes for control of a certain area. If the cavalry win/lose, the team with victorious cavalry immediately gain an edge over the other. The application of the cavalry; striking at weak points in the infantry-is again an excellent emulation of a battle scenario and yet another moving part that all players must consider. Battle RP on NRP is one of the only large-scale team experiences which gives such a large degree of freedom over players with next to no mechanical elements forcing it to be that way.
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