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Gamersgate har släppt spelet, men vi kan väl vänta oss med att STEAM släpper liret ungefär vid klockan 7-tiden ikväll.


Gule said:
mikkel the great said:
engelsk er lettere end svensk :sad:

Ja, i alla fall när trådskaparen (liksom flera andra) skriver som en kratta.


Efter en närmare titt så ser det faktiskt ut som Svensson använt Google översätt på diverse ställen.  :razz:


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Ja jag tror det.. Ämbetsmen.. istället för officerare
Kolla bara på orginalet... hursom helst.. no big deal ^^
Vincenzo said:
Greetings community!

So what does this mean? Well, first of all - Mount&Musket: Battalion doesn’t exist anymore. It is now Mount&Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars - a multiplayer-only DLC that you can buy for Mount & Blade: Warband. We hope you will find it even more enjoyable than the mod ever was.

The base is still there - the idea of large multiplayer battles, trying to realistically show the Napoleonic Wars while still maintaining enjoyable and rewarding gameplay. But it is now wrapped in a new shiny and professional package. We re-made it completely from scratch: bigger, better and more. Graphics have been vastly improved with new beautiful units and environments - while focusing on performance means it will run just as good as, and hopefully even better than, before.

But graphics and performance work is not all that is new. Napoleonic Wars brings an array of new, often-requested, features. Thanks to our co-operation with Taleworlds we have been able to bring you all those things you always wanted to have.

Here’s just a small selection of the most important new features that the DLC offers:
- Completely remade France, Britain and Prussia + added the new Austrian Empire.
- New units that you always wanted such as Voltigeurs and Cuirassiers for France, Light Dragoons for Britain, Death’s Head Hussars for Prussia and much much more.
- A selection of over 220 unique units.
- Sapper/engineering units for all factions, capable of building fortifications and blowing them or other buildings up using their explosives.
- Several new types of artillery and ammunition types, including shells, canister and even rockets.
- Flags, trees, plants and water moving with the wind and new background sounds bring the world to life.
- Parallax mapping for walls, rocks and other objects for even greater atmosphere/graphics.
- Musicians can now walk whilst playing, and even play the same tune together.
- A large amount of new musician tunes, specific for each nation.
- New high-quality voice acting for all factions, both for male and female characters.
- Introducing the Siege game mode + a new Commander Battle mode where the players lead bots in a line battle against each other.
- Crouching with a bayonet now allows you to brace it to kill an incoming horse.
- Musicians, Ensigns and Officers give bonuses to nearby rankers.
And much much more...


Sätter en lock på det här, pga. allt off-topic postande såsom; stavning, etc.

Jag gjorde en relativ översättning för att nå ut till TW's svenskar, men uppskattat eller ej av vissa, är det nog då spelet redan har släppts.

Trevligt kväll

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