North American Draft League

North American Draft league is a draft tournament that is played on North American East servers. The tournament will be double elimination with the purpose of the tournament to get people playing again vs just doing pickups.

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[NADL] Rules and Regulations

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Rules & Regulation

Behavior Rules

Individual Conduct

(1) In order to maintain a serious and professional environment players must be respectful and polite towards their opponents. If a player shows a poor attitude and displays rudeness or immaturity he or she will be punished by the tournament administration. The range of punishments reaches from a warning to a ban from the tournament, depending on the weight of the crime.
(2) Any team that uses, incites, or benefits from disruption to the matches, practice sessions, or organization of other teams will face disciplinary action at the administrative discretion, up to and including disqualification from the tournament.
(3) The rules are not all-encompassing; you are required to follow the letter of the rules and expected to follow the spirit of the rules. Do not act against your own better judgment.


(1) It is strictly prohibited to modify the game files or implement modifications, e.g. aimbots or autoblock. Every player that is found to have modified files or using game modifications will face disciplinary action at the administration's discretion, up to and including a ban from the tournament.
(2) It is strictly prohibited to enter an unintended area of the map (glitching). Any player that is shown to have been glitching during a tournament match will be banned from the tournament.
(3) A significant* advantage was gained, that player's team will forfeit the relevant rounds. (*'significant' in the technical sense of 'potentially possible to measure')
(4) Any advantage that is ruled as cheating by the admin team that isn’t listed above will also result in punishment.

Player Names & Tags

(1) Players must play with the name they signed up with and are not allowed to change name mid-tournament.
(2) Team names must be unique from each other and cannot be a name that has already been used in BL tournaments.
(3) Players must have respectful names and steam profile pictures.

Tournament Rules

Captain Rules

(1) The admin team will decide a draft order based on the skill of the captains giving the weakest captain first pick then proceeding until the strongest captain gets the last pick.
(2) The admin team will be responsible and will give the Captains a full list of all available players before the draft happens.
(3) The ARR (Anti Roberta Rule) The captains must give the admin team a Mock draft of who they would take at each draft order (Will be explained to any captains who are confused on this) If the admin team finds the captain lacks the understanding to draft correctly he or she shall be replaced.
(4) Captains will be forced to pick exactly eight players by the end of the draft
(5) Captains are expected to find an easily accessible way to communicate with every one in which they draft. (Add them on steam)
(6) Captains are forbidden to trade or release any players off the team.
(7) Captains are Expected to take screenshots at the end of every set no matter if they win or lose.
(9) Captains are not allowed to Skirmish their opponent before their match even if it's a practice match. (This is to avoid confusion and make sure no one accidentally thinks they are playing their tournament match vs each other, You are still allowed to face other teams in the tournament just not the one you are directly playing next)


(1) All matches must be played on the US East servers.
(2) All matches must follow the released map and faction fixtures relative to your current match.
For Example, if your round requires you to play Battania vs Empire on Xuana then Khuzait vs Vlandia on Town Outskirts. You will play as Battania then swap to Empire. Then you will play as Khuzait and Swap to Vlandia. The winner will be determined by Map wins then if that's tied it will be determined by round wins. And if that's tied you will play a Tie breaker which is covered in the Tie breaker section of the rules.
(3) All matches must be played using the Clan Match system.


(1) Stream sniping is against the rules.

Class Restrictions

(1) There may only be 2 cav on the UI for your team at any point of the match. (If this rule is broken you will forfeit a round)
(2) There may only be 2 archers or Crossbowmen for your team (On the UI) at any point of the match. (If this rule is broken you will forfeit a round)

Tie Breaker

(1) All TieBreakers will be played on the map Town Outskirts with the matchup being Vlandia vs Vlandia.

Outlawed Players

- The following players are forbidden from participating in the tournament: Duckie (Dreadsword/Tinadel), Barth/Bark, Reaper_Dares.


Google Sheets

(1) All players who participate in the Tournament will be used in various stat sheets, All information given by the participants will also be subject to use in a google sheet which is used to track various in-game statistics.

Credit to Aeronwen for assisting with rules.
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