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Considering the fact that the last tournament didn't go as planned I've asked Alex and Watly if I could host another one by keeping majority of their rules and format; with the help of Tallie. The general idea is the same as previous times: teams of 5-8 players each from a specific nation will compete in 5-a-side matches with other teams of 5-8. Multiple teams from each country are also allowed. This time around there won't be any class restrictions in place. Matches will be 16 rounds long, played out over two maps. Each map will be 8 rounds long, with spawns and factions being switched after 4 rounds.

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  • Each team must consist of 5-8 players.
  • Transfers of players are allowed only once.
  • Each team must be made up of players from one nation. In extenuating circumstances, where a nation is having trouble finding enough players, on it's own, the captain should approach an event admin about merging with another nation.
  • The deadline for team submissions is 01/10/2013. After this date, each team will have unlimited number of substitutions.
  • If a team gets beaten in a knockout stage of the tournament, its players are not allowed to join any other nation.
  • Each team must have a captain. Their role is primarily organisational, although they do deal with interactions between teams, so try to pick someone who’s a familiar face, sensible and relatively easy to contact.
  • During the Team Submission Phase, teams will have a chance to name themselves. Generally try to keep names somewhat related to the country of your team. Also keep them tasteful and not offensive. I have the power to reject team names which I feel don’t do these things.
  • If a team chooses to name itself, its name should be reflected somehow in their tag. Any team not choosing a name for themselves must use an in-game tag that reflects their nation and team number - e.g. UK_I_.
  • Should they so choose, teams may also decide upon a ‘motto’. So long as this isn’t offensive or so forth, there are no real limitations on this.
  • A player from a team which has already been defeated may not join another team of their nationality which is still in the tournament.

  • Combat Speed: Medium, Friendly Fire: 100%, Round Time: 240 seconds, Game Type: Battle, Re-spawn time: 8 sec, Gold: All set to 100%, Camera: Team Member’s View; No bots, polls, or so forth.
  • Matches will be 16 rounds long, played over two maps. Each map will be 8 rounds long, with spawns and factions being switched after 4 rounds. When the spawns and factions are swapped, the map must be restarted.
  • Rounds resulting in a draw will not be replayed.
  • Matches will be 5-a-side, with have no restrictions for classes. There are no equipment restrictions as well.
  • Teams may agree to play the full match on one server, or they may with to change servers at some point. If a server cannot be agreed upon, for a match, approach one of the event admins, for a resolution. Always decide on servers and test them, well in advance of the match. This will avoid complaints and problems, when it comes to playing.
  • Servers outside of the EU may be permitted, for matches involving USA, Canada and Turkey. For US vs European teams, one map will be played on the European server and the other one will be played on the American side.
  • The winner will be the team with the most rounds won at the end of the 16 rounds.
  • Teams may make as many substitutions as they wish throughout the match, however at no point may more than 5 players spawn on either team.
  • New versions for Warband maps were made for the Warband Native League, and will be used for this tournament. The standard, glitch-free, Warband maps will be also used in this tournament.
  • If a team cannot make 5 players, at the agreed match time, they must play on regardless. It is up to the other team to decide if they want to postpone the match.
  • Unless team captains decide otherwise, team 1 will always start at spawn 1 on the first map and and spawn 2 on the second map and vice versa for team 2.
  • In the event of a match draw during the Knockout Stage, the match will go into a tie-breaker. Here more rounds are played in sequence until one team is ahead by two (2) rounds. First, Team 1 plays as the first faction on the first map, then Team 1 plays as the second faction on the first map, then Team 1 plays as the first faction on the second map, then Team 1 plays as the second faction on the second map.
  • If a home/away system is being used for a match, the teams may choose to evenly split the the tie-breaker rounds between the two servers, so that one round is played at home, then one away and so on.
  • If eight such tie-breaker rounds have been played without resolution, teams are permitted to re-arrange their match for another date.
  • All players on a team should use the tag which their team has signed up with or been assigned.

  • Four teams of each group are split into two pairs and play each other. The winners of these matches will then face each other in the Winner’s match.
  • The exact nature of the Group Phase, as well as numbers involved will be decided once team signups are over.
  • The best two teams from each group will qualify to the Knockout Phase.
  • Event admins will have the final say. This tournament isn't to prove, or decide anything and it's a lot simpler if I review any disputes myself. It is recommended that every team takes regular screenshots (or records), throughout each of their matches. This will be useful as evidence in any disputes.
  • Any suspected breach of the Team Regulations, Tournament or Match Rules should be met with immediate confrontation and should be reported to an event admin as soon as possible, preferably by your team rep. Any team that keeps quiet about friendly fire being set to the wrong percentage (for example), and then complains after they lose, will have their protests ignored.
  • Ignorance of the rules is not a valid excuse.
  • If teams want to play a match, after a deadline, for whatever reason, they must request this permission from an event admin.
  • Maps for each match will be randomly generated at the start of the tournament.
  • Factions for each match will also be randomly generated at the start of the tournament.

Closed Maps:
  • 1 - Nord Town
  • 2 - San’di’boush
  • 3 - Vendetta
  • 4 - Village
  • 5 - Shariz Village
  • 6 - Fort of Honour
  • 7 - Verloren
Open Maps:
  • 1 - Field by the River
  • 2 - Frosty Battle
  • 3 - Reveran Village
  • 4 - Ruins
  • 5 - Mountain Fortress
  • 6 - Khudan Outskirts
  • 7 - Castle Ruins

  • 1 - Nords
  • 2 - Rhodoks
  • 3 - Sarranids
  • 4 - Swadia
  • 5 - Vaegirs

  • Removed class limits.
  • Removed subtitution chances.
  • Changed the round settings.
  • Added substitution limits.

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