[Na5aSide] Last 12 Stage - Deadline 17/11/13


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michelle3500 said:
Do i see some dutch people here ?? ^^
No, the map wasn't made by a duchy.

I am confus. We should've played russia/ukraine last weekend? ;_; ill contact them as soon as possibleu


Prussian Immortal
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Tobende Deutsche 16 - 0 La Ligue des Gentlemen extraordinaire

About the ping issue: Isn't only the European Side that is forcing the Americans to play on servers they don't like, I've experienced right the opposite two times myself. I don't want to ***** about it, but it's not as one-sided as you describe it.


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I didn't say anything wrong against you, I only said that the ping on the server sucked a lot and I couldn't even help my team in close fight, so I was a little bit upset seeing all players from my team dying in almost 30 seconds.

PS : I said it was a waste of time and that it was too late for me. I didn't say it was your fault so I hope you didn't feel insulted

I never said anything against you or anyone, or even about the ping. I just said that with 100 ping, and amazing players like you had in your team, it was just impossible to play.

Anyway, good evening  :wink: