[NA WMT] Week 3 Fixtures

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Turtle Knights [12] - [1] Golden Kingdom


ggs boys  :party: :party:
turtle shell technique is new meta

why wasnt thunder around to commentate back in the prime of na

when there were 7 teams
Roberta_Baratheon said:
Came down to the team winning because they refused to give us a re.

Supposed to be a friendly tourney.
Aura (Zaffa) said:
Team dmg was also present as we figured you wouldnt be a **** about it.

Allow a re of the set and scrim probably ends in a tie.
Yeah, I was being uncharacteristically unreasonable, and for that I am sorry. I was hungover, grumpy, running on a couple hours of sleep, and had to go right away after the match. Not trying to make excuses, just giving perspective and explaining why I was being a ****.

However, a few things:

I DC'd before the main engagement started in the same round. Something no one has bothered mentioning.

Not exactly our fault you started teamwounding before a re was confirmed. There's no rule in the tournament that specifically refers to a situation like this, and if a round is called live I'd personally try to keep my team at full health before making absolutely sure that the round will be re'd upon request.

You didn't give any explanation or reason for requesting the re. If you had just said "Hey Juve we're having technical issues could we get a quick re?" I probably would have re'd it. I figured someone accidentally hit a teammate or someone forgot a spear or something. Could have even asked for a heal on a player or two if the technical issus hadn't been a factor. Overall, some clarity would have gone a long way.

Reacting with such toxic attitudes didn't help anything. You later mentioned being friendly in the tournament, but in the round in question immediately started throwing out insults instead of just rolling with the punches and playing the round (probably what actually lost the round for you guys, not a few teamwounds).

Regardless, it was a good match and I once again apologize for my attitude. But again, don't act like I didn't re the round to win the match, or that we only won because you didn't get a re. No one reacted well to anything in that round, myself included.

Let's put this to rest and move on to Week 4.
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