NA | Sunday Night Siege (SNS) - Biweekly

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Server: Custom NA East Siege.
Next Siege Event: March 28th, 9pm EST.

Do you like big battles?
Do you like typing "Shield Wall" in chat every 3 minutes?
Just want to play something casual and fun?

If you answered yes to any of these then look no further!

Sunday Night Siege is the day where we as a community pack a server full of people and wreck as many walls as we can.
Anyone can join. It's public after all.
Not like I can say "no". Frankly, The more the merrier. Everyone is welcome to come regardless of skill or experience.
Bring your Husband, Wife, Pet Rock , Friends, Picnic Basket or pitchfork. Free arrows will be handed out along the walls.


Is this going to happen every Sunday
No, it'll be every second Sunday to make it easier to plan event's around and to help avoid burnout.

I'm a lonely pub where can I find people to play with?
You can check here. You can also check my discord for active NA competitive/casual teams.

Is this a clan only event?
Nah, anyone can join. You might see a few organized players running around and taking/defending objectives but this
is intended for the larger community overall to get together and hang out with some big fun sieges.

I don't feel like marking my calendar is there someway to get notifications?
Yes, you can either join our discord or you can check this post. I'll keep updating the date. I also work with a few other discords to get more people involved.

I want to plan an event for NA can you help me plan/promote it?
Yeah, absolutely. You can DM me here or you can come to my discord and find me there.

Are there any rules?
Not really. I will be paying attention to the chat though which means when/if I do other events I'll be taking anything I see into consideration for
invites. So try to be somewhat nice to people. haha.

I'm a clan/team/guild looking for hot lonely pubs in my area.

You can definitely come to the event and ask around, come hang out in the discord or event make a post here.

Will this post get fancier?
Yes. I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to forums but as I get better I'll put up some banners and edit this.


Hey, Welcome to SNS. I've been doing these since [CL] Octavius initially started hosting them. In fact I was one of the people who helped him initially plan it out.
That being said our friend Octavius hasn't been around to host in quite awhile now. (See original post here.) So I've taken over and I've been hosting these from time to time. I just figured it was time to just put it in stone and make a fancy post. Nothing is official without a fancy post.

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With the Sound of Doom plaguing the live build of Bannerlord, will this be done on the beta siege servers instead?
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