NA Servers Are Broken/ Need Reset/ Need to Rent From More Reliable Data Center(?)

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Strange Loop

TaleWorlds Devs,

I come to you to let you know if you don't already.. your servers are down for NA. I can confirm that NAE//NAW servers for captain have not worked for the past couple days. Please fix this immediately. If its an issue of a contract with server center or something you rent from perhaps you should let us know who that might be so we can send our complaints to them as well? Or perhaps you could find a better group to do business with?

All I know is its not good for a multiplayer game to have NA servers down for days on end.
For the past week or so, east skirmish servers havnt been working, when we get a group of 12 to play pickups, we now have to que west server just to play the game. Alot of our guys don't enjoy playing with 80+ ping. NA east Duel, siege, TDM still work (lol) more often than not, but you can always expect a crash to happen. With the upcoming NA east duel tournament its garenteed we WILL have server crash issues during matches. Its Baffling that this is an issue still, its been almost 2 years sense this game became available to play on MP, yet the issue still remains.
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