NA Duel Completed NA Dueling Championship 2020 | $200 Prize | 🥇 🥈 🥉

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Welcome. You must first join the Discord, once you join you will be given the "No Bracket" tag. Make sure to @Trialer and take your evaluation. You will be placed into your tier depending on your performance. Elite/High Tiers will be placed into Gold Bracket while Mid/Low Tier will be placed into Silver. This will make you eligible for future tournaments, groupfights, and competitive events.

NADC will be hosted on
12/26/2020. Here is how it will function: Gold bracket will fight amongst one another until there is one man left standing, Silver will fight amongst each other until they have one man left standing. These two people will be finalists, they will then proceed to fight one another for the title of "Champion". The runner-ups (Or, losers of the semi-finals in gold & silver) will fight each other after Gold & Silver fight and a champion is selected. The "Losers Bracket" is not an actual bracket, it is the battle for 3rd Place. Depending on who wins the finals, that person will be awarded 1st Place, the loser of this fight will be placed in 2nd, and the winner of the "Losers-Bracket" will retain 3rd Place.

Fighters will compete in a first to seven style for both tryouts as well as the tournament.


- ChristopherR


- Blucher (Silver Bracket)
- Machine (Gold Bracket)

Everyone will be accepted and have a chance to place in a bracket. The only requirement is that you must be North American.

Please follow the template listed below to enter your name into the championship:

Steam URL:
Discord ID:
Clan (If part of a clan - not required):

There will be a prize of $200.00 USD for the champion, a prize of $50.00 USD for second place, and a prize of $20.00 USD for third place.


Join the Discord!:
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May I suggest maybe pushing that back a week or so? The day after Christmas many people will be travelling and such, could cause some problems.

This date isn't final, we will see how many people sign up and how many are able to make this day, we will of course set it for a later date if a fair majority cannot be in attendance on the 26th.
Name: Matt The Lord
Steam URL:****
Discord ID: Matt_The_Lord#2226
Clan (If part of a clan - not required): Poughkeepsie State Flying Cougars
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