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Intro: Lets be honest for a minute, the loot you get for a single skirmish game can be as small as 20 a match *games can last maximum of 30 minutes* so think about that for a while you grind. Simply put this would mean if you wanted to buy a 1 thousand gold item it would take you on average 50 games. This post is not a complaint but simply a suggestion to the devs for the NA community, simply put we would like to see a double loot weekends event every weekend. Now let me explain why this would be beneficial to the community.

Reasons to why this would be a good edition: 1. This would incentivize players to want to play on the weekends for more loot to be able to buy the items they wish to buy. 2. Adding to number one, since I have been told the devs plan on making more customization items meaning that there WILL be MORE items that will cost a lot of gold hence needing more gold to buy said items.3. It would also make it fair for the NA community as members of the EU community has already told me that there already is double loot weekends for them, if they can have it, it would be only fair that we should to. 4. We already have proof that the community actually benefited from the cosmetics, we were always able to find pub games especially yesterday and played until 4 AM Eastern time. The community has actually started becoming much more active, I remember for months you could barely get a game even during 6 PM EST. 5. Look at every popular game that does cosmetics and bonus loot during weekends it has always been great for their game and gains more activity.

Conclusion: This would easily increase your population and incentivize your players to keep playing as they want to get awesome looking cosmetics, especially me who wants to get capes for all the factions. Your community will increase and be more satisfied with grinding away in skirmish, captain, and custom server list games. And also would be purely a fair thing to do as the EU community already gets it.


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If they added this "feature" it will 100% result in NA servers being down. They already have trouble maintaining their servers, if they add double loot weekends the servers will be in overdrive.
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