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NA Captain Draft Tournament #2

It's been a long time since we last had a captain mode competition of any kind, and longer still since the first draft tournament. I propose that it's time to fix that, with the 2nd NA Captain Draft Tournament. I'll outline the rules and how to register below; we'll be looking for this to field 8-16 teams, depending on interest. Anyone regardless of region is welcome to sign up and play, though all games regardless of who winds up on your team will be played on NA East.

WHEN: Weekend of February 4th-6th. # of players will determine # of teams and thus if its going to be a single day or potentially something that starts Friday night and ends Saturday/Sunday.

Signup Format (OPEN to All Players)
Name (As it appears in Bannerlord):
Bannerlord ID:
Steam ID:
Discord ID:
Region (the region you get your best ping in while playing, for reference)
Clan Tag: If you are in a clan, post your tag here.
Interest in being captain: Yes/No (OPEN TO SELECT PLAYERS, see requirements below)

IF you are interested in being a captain (and therefore drafting a roster for this tournament) you need to provide a screenshot of the following:
Either A: 750+ wins in captain mode
or B: 1,000 or more wins in total (screenshot both stats)
This light barrier to entry is mainly just to ensure that the captain is experienced within the mode/the game and should have a good grasp on the player select pool when choosing teams.
Registration is open from now until 12:00 P.M. PST on Wednesday, January 26.

Match Rules:
#1. Two cavalry units max per team per round. Only 2/6 players on your team can choose a cavalry unit of any type, regardless of the function of that cavalry. Players are allowed to dismount AI to give horses to non-cav teammates if they so choose. Players playing infantry or archer classes are allowed to mount a loose horse whenever if they so choose. These things are fine since there is a tradeoff with the worsened riding skill of non-cav and the tradeoff of being away from your men without being able to quickly move them or return to them.
#2. Two archer units max per team per round, not counting bowcav (which obviously falls under cavalry if you're taking that). There is no minimum # of archers or cavalry required IE teams can choose 0 archers and 0 cavalry if they would like.
#3. Any violation of rules No. 1 or No. 2 will result in a warning and the round in question to be replayed, provided appropriate screenshots are provided. A second violation will result in the immediate forfeit of that game by the offending party. A third violation will result in the DQ of the offending party's team from the tournament.
#4. Rambo playstyle (and therefore parking troops/full park) are allowed. There is still no spectator mode and no feasible way to prevent this, if you don't like rambo play no one is forcing you to sign up. For now it's part of the game.
#5. Don't be rude, aggressive, antagonizing, or act in an overly hostile manner. You may play with some players who are new and fairly bad, work around them. It's a draft tournament so likely to be luck-of-the-draw with what team you land on, try to make the best of it and help others. If you are a new player try to keep an open mind, especially if there are veterans on your team who have a lot of experience. If you see someone acting aggressively toward others please report it to me and I'll take the appropriate steps. At the end of the day this is a medieval ****ing nerd game just don't be a **** to people who might be experiencing something close to competitive for the first time in this game. Report any violations to myself and/or other tournament admins and the appropriate actions will be taken, with punishment ranging from a warning to the disqualification of the offending party's team from the tournament, depending on the offense.
#6. Captains and/or appointed seconds are to screenshot the end result of all matches and post the screenshot to the appropriate discord channel immediately following match play, regardless of win/loss. Both teams are encouraged to provide a screenshot though at the end of the day I will accept one from the winning team if the losing team doesn't grab it in time. What discord the tournament will be held in will be revealed at the end of signups, as well as bracket and team information once the draft is completed.
#7. In the event of a drop/disconnect by a player during a round, the round must be played out before the match can be suspended and the parties re-formed to continue it. Both teams need to screenshot the score of the match upon conclusion of the round in question. It's ****ty to DC during a round since the AI will just charge randomly but there's no good way of knowing exactly what would happen if the player had not dropped, thus the round must be concluded before the match can be re-formed. When the teams leave the match to re-form the parties whatever the score was prior to the dc will remain the score, and the rest of the match will be played until one team has won the required 3 rounds total (IE: score is 1-1 between Team A and Team B, Team B player DCs, Team A wins the round and the match is paused at 2-1 Team A, the parties are reformed and the match is restarted. Team B wins the next round so the score is 2-2 even though the match will now say 1-0 Team B. Team A wins the next round and wins this match 3-2, the rest of the restarted game DOES NOT COUNT and does not need to be played). Notify the other team of the DC if they haven't already noticed by using the all-chat in-game menu, verify they've seen it/responded, screenshot the correspondence if needed before backing out to re-form the party.
#8. No racism, discriminatory or abhorrent language will be tolerated. Do not troll with in-game actions either, people's time is valuable and this isn't the place for you to run around the map for 5 minutes at the end of a round you've lost when the other team has 58 men left. Do not spam malicious links, scams, phishing, etc, again, not the place for any of that. Any violation of these will result in immediate removal from your team upon discovery; if you are the captain of your team and doing this it will result in a DQ for your team.
#9. Again, all matches will be played on NA East. Any match found to be played on another server is grounds for forfeit (if played in its entirety) and potential DQ of the offending team. If you accidentally hit the wrong region in the clan match system you should notice it pretty quickly upon loading in, notify the other team, and restart play.
#10. Do not exploit known glitches. Terrain camping is fine but do not glitch your captain outside the map/inside a rock/inside a wall or under the ground/other known glitches, etc. Any evidence of this will result in the offending player's immediate removal from their team and a potential DQ for the team.

Draft Rules, Style and Format
This is an individual signup and with your registration you're accepting that you can/will be drafted by any team and that you will play for that team if selected. Don't be that guy who gets picked by a less than ideal team and then doesn't show up, worst case you go 0-2 and you're done in like an hour.

1. Ideally* No more than 2 (TWO) players from one clan may be picked to be on the same team. If you are currently on the active
OSOD, XYZ, PSFC, APE, DoF or NATO rosters or previously played on the APE Season 2 captain league team/are presently on their BEAST Division C roster you will also be given a RAT clan tag; no more than 3 RATs can play on the same team. If you are from DM, RM, HINQ, DIV, DR or KW you will likely also be given EURAT status and the same rules will apply since those rosters have also changed from Beast 6-Beast 7. This will be enforced by me during the draft. Anyone from these clans are welcome to play but the whole point of a draft tournament is to not play exclusively with friends/clan members like in organized competitions like BEAST or even the NA skirm pickups/the EU HINQ pickups equivalent. If you are the captain of a team the same rules apply and you count toward that total IE a captain from BTL can pick one clanmate only, a captain with a RAT designation can pick two other RAT members, etc.
2. Teams will have a minimum of 7 players and a maximum dependent on the # of players who sign up. The tournament will most likely consist of either 8, 12 or 16 teams dependent on how many players register. Please do not sign up if you cannot play during the dates given.
3. Once registration closes captains will be chosen via RNG and notified immediately. The draft itself will take place either on Wednesday, January 26 or Thursday, January 27 and the teams/bracket will be posted within the discord upon its completion. If a chosen captain cannot make the draft another will be RNGed in their place from the qualified list.

4. The draft will be streamed by me for the appropriate captains within the discord with a link to an excel sheet with the registered players listed. The draft will be a snake style with the picking order randomly assigned prior to the start of the draft. Captains will have a maximum of 1 (ONE) minute to make each selection for their team and I will remind them of eligibility clan rules if needed during the selection process. Captains will be responsible for notifying players of their selection pending the conclusion of the draft and will be responsible for relaying all information about match times, as well as in setting up the matches through the clan/team match system within Bannerlord.
5. Your registration does not guarantee that you will get to play, as this is up to the selecting captain, though I will try to keep roster bench slots to a minimum, depending on the total # of registered players.

*Like everything else depends on # of signups, there are some large clans and everything will be done to enforce this rule.

Factions, Maps and Games
A Match will consist of X number of Games, A Game is one single Best of 5 rounds like when queueing in public. More than likely due to sheer volume the earlier matches in this competition will feature a smaller # of games than the later rounds; with a larger field it's likely that only the Final Match will have the larger number of games. This is because:
This is a double-elimination tournament. Regardless of the # of teams the worst-performing teams will be guaranteed at least two matches consisting of, at minimum, two games per match. The team that emerges from the bottom bracket will have one loss and will need to defeat the upper bracket team in two matches to win the final; if the upper bracket team wins the first match in the final the tournament will conclude immediately.
ALL maps AND factions have been predetermined. The full list of factions played and maps chosen will be revealed alongside the bracket sometime after the conclusion of the draft and well before play starts on the weekend. All captains are expected to adhere to these factions/maps when using the clan match system. The IDs for the maps will be posted in the discord prior to play starting for those unaware of how to set up an organized 6v6.
IF the tournament becomes a 12 team format instead of an 8 or 16: four brackets with three teams each will be randomly drawn, and each team will play the other two in its bracket. The top 8 teams (2/3 from each bracket) will enter into a single elimination format from there.

That's it for now. I'll post my registration and an example of what you should do AND provide what the screenshot looks like if you select the 'Yes' option for the captain question below, so if you're interested in playing that's all you need to do here. BUT this is the general information and rules for the tournament (may be slightly added to before play) and your registration is an acknowledgement and agreement that you have read them and will uphold these standards. See you on the battlefield.
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Name: Ubba Dreadsword
Bannerlord ID: UbbaAG#820
DiscordID: Ubba#6738
Region: NA West
Clan Tag: AG
Interest in Being A Captain: Yes

So there is like 10 of us who play skirmish not that much captain mode and we want to sign up but we cant sisnce we dont have 750 captain wins ? :grin:
So there is like 10 of us who play skirmish not that much captain mode and we want to sign up but we cant sisnce we dont have 750 captain wins ? :grin:
Nah, anyone can sign up, you just need 500+ captain wins to register as a captain (where you'd draft the team instead of just getting drafted to a team). Everyone is welcome to sign up to play in it and I'd be glad to have you and any of your DM teammates, RM friends, etc come through
So there is like 10 of us who play skirmish not that much captain mode and we want to sign up but we cant sisnce we dont have 750 captain wins ? :grin:
Also I'll do everything I can to work around BEAST matchups for EU/APE players who are interested in this, just need to know about them ahead of time
Changed the rules to 1K wins in total needed to be more inclusive, just screenshot your stats for skirm and for captain if applying to be a captain if you identify more as a skirm main.
Name (As it appears in Bannerlord): JukeBox
Bannerlord ID: JukeBox#8110
Discord ID: JukeBox#2671
Region (the region you get your best ping in while playing, for reference): NA East
Clan Tag: APE
Interest in being captain: No
Name (As it appears in Bannerlord): Varadin
Bannerlord ID: Varadin#9148
Discord ID: Varadin#1993
Region (the region you get your best ping in while playing, for reference): EU
Clan Tag: DM
Interest in being captain: Yes , only if we lack captains.
Name (As it appears in Bannerlord): AudioSlayer
Bannerlord ID: audioslayer#2126
Steam ID:
Discord ID: audioslayer
Region: NA EAST
Clan Tag: SKBR
Interest in being captain: NO an YES if you need me to.
Name (As it appears in Bannerlord): Gunnar
Bannerlord ID: Gunnar#9427
Steam ID: 106892190
Discord ID: CodMUllet#3687
Region: NA EAST
Clan Tag: BTL
Interest in being captain: Yes

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