[NA] Bannerlord Skirmish Matchmaking

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A discord server pitting the best that NA has to offer in competitive 6v6 matchups

How to join:

What is this?

In its simplest form, this is a way to organize 12 or more people into teams of 6 in a fair and challenging way. We have a discord bot that does all the calculations and team building. We have an advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Algorithm that can analyze screenshots and pull all relevant data off the screenshot and calculate MMR gain/loss for each player in the match. We also have a Website that you can use to view all of your stats and the stats of everyone that has played.

How Does it work?

After you join the server you will need to register, you can also set your preferred classes. You will see a "Waiting for skrim" channel after 12 people have joined that channel the bot will create teams and assign team captains to both. Players then use the clan system to form parties and challenge each other. After the game any player uploads a screenshot and the bot will pick it up and do math.


  • Advanced MMR System
  • Ranking System
  • Clan System
  • Advanced OCR
  • Class & MMR Based Matchmaking
  • A wealth of stats per player

Taleworlds plz​

We could really use a custom server, pulling information off of a screenshot sucks. Also being able to get more stats would be 10/10

Hello, I have played on this discord server and their matchmaking system and competition is top-notch along with stat tracking. Want to play against the best, I recommend giving it a try.

I believe they have about 4 admins in the discord and will answer or help you with any issues
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