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Goodluck, don't give up!!
Edit: I have nothing to gain nor do I want anything from peasant. Besides a place to play with cool scripts and active admins. I didn't expect oasis admins to suck me up... lol nice assumption splintert. Still calling people kids on the internet huh? The keyboard warriors rule this land x3. Just take a chill pill and stop trying to start drama on a forum for a video game, peasant is gana keep doing this and you all know it cant be stopped. So just come to terms with it rather then insulting him every time he comes back. Or you can keep showing your asses that's fine too :razz:.
i am trying to have them done by weekened meaning they may be done today, but i am going to be busy all week so i will need you guys to watch the server, i will be around until 5ish each day. 
This is great banter.
★Scorpia★™: lol
★Scorpia★™: Why are you banned for a year and a day on TaleWorlds
Peasant the Unruhly: lol
Peasant the Unruhly: cause oasis
Peasant the Unruhly: accoused me of ddosing
Peasant the Unruhly: ignoring the fact we were getting ddosed too
★Scorpia★™: they banned you over accusations?
Peasant the Unruhly: yes
★Scorpia★™: No proof?
Peasant the Unruhly: no proof
Peasant the Unruhly: even the ban message said it was just they assumed it was me
★Scorpia★™: Sue them
Actually, we banned him for threatening others with DDoS attacks. The evidence provided by Oasis server management was compelling but not damning enough on its own. Fortunately Xaphan sealed his own fate with a threat of a DDoS war, which he has now edited but we have the original message saved.

And chanelling banned/muted users is also an offence, so you may post again in a week.

Now, I suggest things get back to normal around here.
If you aren't laughing at Peasant now you aren't human.

Then again, knowing Pharaoh/Brutus, he will be back in a few weeks, with you telling us that "everyone deserves another chance"...
No clue why Womble insists on getting himself muted all the time.

Tried to ask him nicely not to post here anymore, but he never listens :party:.

Anyways, no updates to post at the moment.  How is everyone's lives >.>?
Life is pretty good so far. Re sending my state trooper Highway patrol application because the first time I didn't receive their letter to take the Physical test so the recruiter told me to resend my application. Not much really going on, just work atm.
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