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Thanks guys, it has been extremely fun, and have had decent numbers starting out with almost no problems with RPers.  Happy to help support the PW community. 
Has been a decent server so far. Almost reminds me of the US East server in it's first couple of weeks before certain people took over the admin duties and ruined it.
aww :sad: what was your name?  I admit not knowing the first thing about playing PW back than.  lol
Nimueh said:
Friedrich, stop trolling.  that was well over a year ago and i was a noob. 

I hate to be that guy

That post is quite rude, I will not have admins on my server which hunt down people and rub 2 year old dirt in their face. 

Posts like this just ensures why I started my own server, it's something called Freedom.  I was sick of people being bullied.

That's a typical US East admin for ya... and hence why they're shutting their server down because there "are no NA players".
I see no problem with new players learning and making mistakes. 

Admins should be helpful, not bullies. 
Eh...I thought about it and got some pearls of wisdom from somebody over Steam. I'll delete my two previous posts and forget about it. I suppose everybody deserves a second chance.
may i recommend adding outline of spawnkilling rules, the map is obviously made to facilitate them, and its a breaking of rp to imagine that someone has randomly appeared in front of an enemy ripe for the killin.
Thanks splint i will check on it, and thanks for rule ideas, i'll add it.


Sometimes website doesn't connect for everyone but it connects for most, we are looking into it.

and new Rule added ::No spawn killing::

New rule ideas are much appreciated. 
I wanted to give a bit of feedback from my experience on the server. Granted I have played on it on 2 occasions but i believe that's enough. Basically my suggestion to peasant is simple. I would cut 90% of your admin staff and get ones outside of your clan. I understand you have friends in your clan but its very much clear that most of those people are not mature/responsible enough to be in charge of people. On one occasion for example an admin was teleporting to me and a friend telling us not to tax, then later when trying to tax him he teleported through a closed gate to avoid us while he was "Rping". During this incident and calling another admin the admin in question said he didnt see the chat and was unrelated. Then i noticed said admin was wearing coat of plates,great helm and some other 15 str equiptment and was also carrying a War bow and running faster than me. Naturally i casually asked him if he was in GM and he replied with no, its lord class dont worry about it. Knowing better i confronted that fact and was told " Drop it now." Basically the other issue i had is similar in a faction of mine was doing some really nice RP and an admin teleported to our faction and ran into the keep with us. While roleplaying he was breaking chest in the lords room and spamming godmode in a circle around us, in which i said "come on were trying to roleplay" and he replied with he is too. Also he was in God Mode. Some other people in the room mentioned it aswell and he just went around kicking and punching people and jumping on things while we were trying to take screens/Roleplay. Also a lesser thing I've noticed that has some controversial topic in it is admins just spawning money and items for themselves in RP and using such like that. I guess that depends on the admin's view on the issue but im not sure.

I don't have an issue with the server itself, they use a nice map and some admins are very nice and turned out better than i have thought. But similar to what happened with PW_East a few spoil the entire batch and give the server a bad name. Thats why i suggest making it tougher to gain admin and be cautious with your current admins especially during this fragile early age when people will come on and test the server out.

Again I am not meaning to sound too Critical of the server and bashing it because i want an American server to play on but at the same time i dont want to see another east downfall. Again best of luck to the server but I would suggest some changes.
Yes I already caught him and revoked his admin rights today.  http://pwtroy.uphero.com
I posted it in the admin abuse section.  I am doing my best to monitor every admin, and I have been quite successful with filtering. 

Thank you for your feedback, and remember to never hesitate reporting activity such as this.   


Remember to catch the names of abusive admins, everyone on my staff knows I have zero tolerance and do not hesitate to remove someone, even though I dislike having to restart the server. 
I cant seem to load the site, but I heared Smokey lost his rights but I wanted to say he is NOT either of the ones im referring too.
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