NA Other Open NA 2v2 Tournament (1st ROUND DEADLINE APRIL 30)

Added to Calendar: 15/04/22

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Team name:
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  • The bracket will be double elimination
  • Matches playing FT10 then sides swap and FT10 for other side (So basically FT20)
  • If there is a draw, you must play a FT3 tiebreaker for both sides.
  • Only Tribal Warrior and Warrior classes are permitted
  • Each Player must reset their health after fights
  • No destroying teammates' shields before fights
  • No use of hacks, cheats, exploits, or macros
  • Dropping your shield is not allowed
  • It will be played on NA 2v2 Groupfighting Server

Administrative Rules:
  1. If you have trouble scheduling a match with an opponent, please let an admin know
  2. Post results of the match on this forum
  3. Teams will have three days to complete their designated match each round. Both teams are expected to add their opponent on Steam and monitor their Taleworlds private messages in order to set up a reasonable match time with their opponent. If evidence is provided that a team is unresponsive and does not attempt to fight their opponents within the given week, that team is automatically DQed from the tournament. If neither teams attempt to duel their opponent or contacts an admin regarding an extension, both are DQed and whoever is assigned to play the winner will be given a bye the following week. The Administrator will have final say on who advances based on the evidence of dodging that is provided
  4. These rules are not exhaustive and are subject to change
  5. All admin decisions are final
  6. Admin Team: Wegnas, TheCrusader5, Matt_The_Lord
Prize: You will be honored by the DREADLORD himself AND $200 by the most generous Matt the Lord


Team name: MY PLAN
Roster: Wegnas, Chowski
Contact Information:

Team name: Dreadsword
Roster: Duckie Dreadsword, Ubba Dreadsword

Team name: TBD
Roster : TheCrusader5, Arni

Team name: Poughkeepsie State Flying Cougars
Roster: Matt_The_Lord, DirtySavage
Contact Information: SteamProfile

Team name: Breadfans
Roster: BestNaPlayerGta, Pickle Rick
Contact Information:

Team name: The Knights of Vlandia
Roster: Alejandro, Beeflip
Contact Information:

Team name: The Knights of Vlandia 2
Roster: LES IS MOREx, Jr24Racing
Contact Information:

Team name: 2 Alex
Contact Information:

Team name: TBD
Roster: Zothoran, TheGoldenGod
Contact Information:

Team name: Poughkeepsie State Swimming Eagles
Roster: burger, Landalore
Contact Information:

Team name: tbd
Roster: Incanuth, eailiene
Contact Information:
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