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This is a banner-pack for the Nations' 5-a-Side tournament. It features 'regular' country banners, as well as any custom banners teams submit (so long as they're of an acceptable quality and with acceptable content).

The country banners are all from Tomy's NC2012 banner pack, I'm by no means capable of producing good looking banners, so don't expect me to. If you sign up a team from a country not yet in the banner pack, I'll try to find someone who can design a banner for you.

In order to install, download the files below, and put the banners_a.dds, banners_b.dds and so forth in your Warband Directory\Modules\Native\Textures. Back up anything you may be overwriting.

If there are any problems or errors with the pack, please let me know so I can correct them.

Download link.

From left-to-right; top-to-bottom: Canada; United Kingdom; Germany; Belgium-Netherlands; Italy; Czech Republic; Russia; Portugal; Hungary; Sweden; Finland; Yugoslavia; France; Slovakia; Brazil; Ukraine; Turkey; Poland; United States of America; GRASS; Green Elephant.

From left-to-right; top-to-bottom: Kingdom of Heaven; x5 Party; Die Gartenzwerge; Gli Aperol Spritz; Netherlands I; Les Chiens qui Dorment; De Zwarte Pieten; The Rioters; Baldriders; 5-Way Penetration; Israel; Lithuania.


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New banner Poland III team ( Trebron FanClub ). Please add it to banner pack.