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Myths Of Warband (Open for debate) 8/07 Help needed again

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Stabbing Hobo

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diavel said:
Awesome thread. I love your "scientific" approach. I didn't know #7  :oops: (I only knew thrusts have bigger reach)
I was surprised with the #5 myself. But hey, that's why I'm posting these, to let everyone know. Also to get others help me test new things and throw in ideas.


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Stabbing Hobo said:
Thrust = +61

Thrust = +80

2h Polearms
Thrust = +19

1h Polearms
Thrust = +50
lol this is even worse for the 2H spears than my estimates!

The 2H spear has the effective reach of a 1H sword ~40 cm shorter. This means that the 135cm free spear has the same stabbing reach of the common 95cm swords.

When comparing to 2H swords, the effective difference is a whopping 60cm! 150cm warspear has the stab range of a 90cm 2H sword - basically ALL 2H swords have significantly better thrusting range (and often more thrust damage) than the 2H warspear. My estimates were more like 40cm, but it looks like Hobo did a much more methodical testing than I did.

We really REALLY need a grip position change when switching to 2H spear accompanied with a matching "reach" parameter increase:

Stabbing Hobo

Master Knight
Ok, I'd like test how effective a shield on the back is and what factors there are. To do this I'd need someone to help me and TDM server with lots of starting money and ranged FF set to 10%.
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