[MYR] The Myrmidons are recruiting, anyone is welcome

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About us: At the time of writing this we're a new clan, we are named The Myrmidons due to myself being a fan of history/mythology and studying it, because of this to keep with the history of the Myrmidons, some of our ranks are based on ants.

What we offer: We offer training to all members who want it, we attend events with other clans and will be hosting our own, we will also be hosting tournaments for members of the clan, potentially people outside the clan in the future. We also have a discord for you to speak to other members, find people to play with and just for general organisational purposes

All of Our Ranks Explained: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?groups/the-myrmidons.497/about

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/efB4KRrkJT

Steam group: We have a steam group which I'm happy to invite you to.

In game: To join in game I will have to either add you in game or on steam so feel free to send me or Wardrobe_Fuat a request or join the discord and we'll sort you out.

Activity: We don't have any activity rules, we do have legions/cohorts for the more active members but there are zero obligations.

We play on the EU server.

If you're interested then leave a reply in this thread and follow the links above, do feel free ask any questions.

We will also need to add you to the clan in game which is easy enough to do.
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