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No, I didn't use any mods.


I find it a little weird that the flag on top of the gate for entry into my town is that of a mercenary group thats visiting the town rather than my own clan's coat of arms. Its kind of a no-big-deal thing and I'm not worried about it, but I have to believe its not intended to be that way. To be clear, yes, the symbol where the town name is, is my symbol. But the actual flag on the visual of the town gate is the merc clan's.

Update: I went into the town and checked and then my flag and the merc clan flag are over the town gate. My flag is a little higher up. Here's a picture of that. I still don't know why the merc clan flag is there at all though. I'll see what happens when others enter and possibly update again.

Further Update: Apparently the flags of every noble who is at the town (not counting prisoners) shows up on the front gate. I'd prefer that just the owner flag shows up, but even if you feel allied lords should show up, I don't think neutral lords, let alone mercs, should have their flags raised at my town.

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