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Sergeant at Arms
My Suggestions

1)Horse's weapon inventory

Horse can have a two slot for our weapon (like our extra weapon slot,
if our own weapon slot is not enough, we use it)


İf we are not become a lord or king (if we dont have village , castle or city)
We can buy houses on any city, we can decorate it , sleep it , eat something and do many things

3)Our Kingdom's own soldiers

We can create own troop tree for our kingdom


At this point I don't think they're looking to keep adding features. We'll have mods for that, just wait for the game to be released. :smile:


Knight at Arms
Little mods.
Hair mods
Mods that remove all metal armour and maybe add more leather and cloth

a mod that allows you to own property or a cottage without being a lord.

if it’s not on the bassgame I would like to have my family members as companions
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