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A 2nd le epic viking faction? Why?
It's just an idea. If there is a DLC, I don't see a better option. Unless they insert a very different faction based on samurai or something...

What is the vision for Bannerlord? Battle sim with barebones mechanics? I find it is incredibly boring without 30 mods and even then it is nothing to write home about.
We are all waiting for the next updates on this, but that Bannerlord desperately needs to improve this "vision", it is a fact.
@guiskj spoke very well about Freelancer and Improved Garrisons. At least this inclusion needs to happen, @SadShogun .

Because he is a racist watched all the tv shows about vikings and played all the games about vikings like a good consumer. He's definitely not a hipster to know better.
Hm... No. The media "vikings" are a long way from the real víkingar. Œrna mælir sá er eva þegir staðlausu stafi...
Well, I’ve already developed a better unit tree for Sturgia and I’ve also upgraded the minor faction Skolderbrotva. I can live with that.
It's just an idea. If there is a DLC, I don't see a better option.
"Either vikings or samurai" is pretty silly. Even assuming a new faction has to be a boring unrealistic copy of a real world stereotype, Bannerlord's equipment currently spans from like 200AD to 1500AD. There is an insane amount of stuff you can draw from that beyond the vikings, who are probably the least interesting and most irrelevant group of people to receive so much attention in mass media.
Œrna mælir sá er eva þegir staðlausu stafi...
🤏 脏 имаат الفايكنج
Well, I’ve already developed a better unit tree for Sturgia and I’ve also upgraded the minor faction Skolderbrotva. I can live with that.
I'm sure you can replace every troop in the game with vikings and call it "better". It's boring fanboyism that appeals to fellow fanboys only.
A better way of redesigning troop trees is introducing new cultures that were relevant and interesting in the early medieval ages (but possibly have the misfortune of having contemporary cultural heirs that don't have that much spending power), not just one single culture that's been done to death in many other titles.

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I agree spears can have more utility even in infantry combat.
I really really appreciate the fact that you responded at all, so I'll try to temper myself.

Honestly, your take is really depressing. "Even in infantry combat" implies that spears weren't primarily used for infantry combat.

Spears should be the primary weapon used by almost every line infantry soldier. They should be extremely effective against lightly-armored infantry and be practically impossible to parry. Every spear >=6ft should be able to be braced against charges. And, in shieldwall formation, spears should be usable and deadly without completely lowering your shield.

When both sides are lightly-armored, spears should also be vastly superior to swords unless the swordsman has a shield. The weakness of spears should be relatively low armor penetration as well as the fact that they can break or get stuck.

I know this is a lot to ask given that the mechanics are not built around any of what I described, but this is the minimum necessary for things like shieldwalls or menavlion/pike infantry to make sense. The fact that loose formation spears perform better than shieldwalls or pike squares breaks immersion. I mean, most of these features existed in Warband mods years ago...

This may not sound like a big deal to you, but it means that a large percentage of the troop trees are useless. It's just another gaping hole in the design where user choice used to be.

If there's only one right build for every troop tree and the AI handles all tactics and the battles are always 1/1 KD blob slugfests... why are we even playing the game? Is it really a "game" anymore if we don't have any agency in how it works?
I don't want to appear ungrateful, but Bannerlord somehow disappointed me more than it made me happy. A lot of work has been done and very good things have come and are to come. I know that. But I think that after a year some suggestions raised by the community should become a priority for improving the game.

I think the best way to conduct the next updates is not to concentrate efforts on creating new content, but to correct everything that is pending, or it will turn into a snowball. But I'll also list here some suggestions and expectations for the next major update:

1- SIEGE WARFARE = One of the most requested fixes for Bannerlord refers to siege warfare, AI needs to be improved!
a) Units get stuck, either attacker or defender, and I often had to go through the castle alone to find the remaining enemies.
b) The attacking army should make better use of all available resources and better divide the units into multiple fronts, using all ladders, siege towers, battering rams, catapults and barricades. And the defending army must respond appropriately, also using the castle's defense levels, retreating to the inner walls if necessary.
c) Please, fix the ladders of the siege tower! The troops use only one...

2- OVERHAUL OF ITEMS = A complete overhaul of the attributes and values of all items of the game.
a) In-game items need to be rebalanced in attributes and values, there are many inconsistencies in the current equipment.
b) If you get an axe blow to your head, it doesn't really matter if you have the best helmet or the weakest one, I particularly like that reality in the game and makes cheaper units stand a chance of facing more expensive units. So I am not in favor of drastically increasing the attributes of the strongest equipment, however, I think that an adjustment can be made so that the investment and maintenance of a more expensive unit is really worth the effort.
c) Some throwing weapons do not have the amount shown in the character and I honestly think that this is an important detail that breaks the immersion. The simple javelin, was supposed to have 8 javelins (7 in the bag and 1 in the hand), the throwing axe was supposed to have 4 axes (3 in the belt and 1 in the hand) and so on...
d) I know that the same logic above cannot be applied to archers or crossbowmen, but let's face it that throwing weapons need a little more ammunition and that would considerably increase the amount of some throwing weapons that are misrepresented. In addition, I think they should also receive bonuses against shields.
e) Spears should also receive a buff, they are the most common and most efficient weapons of all ancient wars.
f) Many items (the vast majority are armor) that are represented in the game's images (loadscreens and campaign intro) are NOT in the game and I really think this is a big flaw. If more items will be added, start with those that are missing.

3- OVERALL GAMEPLAY = Battles, diplomacy, improved AI, new game possibilities...
a) Develop AI in battles, make the units defend themselves more, that each culture has unique variations of different strategies, that the formations work and that the spears have an improved performance, allowing attacks from different angles and that can be thrown.
b) Game diplomacy should be better developed, greater diplomatic control of the kingdom itself and intrigues (spread rumors, romance) and other options like assassination and sabotage should be part of the game. It would be a great and smart addition for Bannerlord.
c) Assign units to the correct classes (Skirmishers, Heavy Cavalry...) and create others like Shock Infantry and Bodyguards.
d) Improve the appearance of various npcs and ensure that certain hair and beard styles do not appear in other cultures.
e) Add some way to ambush and fight in a scenario where the player and his troops are hiding waiting for command to attack while the enemy army marches through the scene. That would be epic and we could create guerrilla tactics.
f) Some mods like RTS Camera, Improved Garrisons and Freelancer they are SO GOOD that they should be officially implemented and developed! The rest of the mods are more optional and a matter of taste... Realistic Battle Mod it is also an essential mod, but I am hopeful that the next updates will develop the AI and combat of the game to the point that it will no longer be needed. Please TW, you need to consider that!
g) Seriously, check out the mods above and embrace the proposal developed by these guys and their amazing work! They and all players will be rewarded. There is a lot of content that would greatly enhance the game!
h) A small DLC would be very welcome for us and I also believe that for you, TW. The Nords are not in the game, not as a kingdom of its own, and it would be very interesting if we could witness a small expansion of the northern lands or a "viking invasion" from there, bringing more chaos to Calradia. I would buy!

For now, I think that's it. I intended to modify and create some units in the game, but I will stop playing and leave it to do when there is something more definitive (and better). I sincerely hope that TW will consider the suggestions above.
Totaly agree and community here alredy screamed and made posts MULTIPLE TIMES but sadly fell on deaf ears.

You forgot expanded and improved feasts where like they couldve built upon Warbands feaats and make like 2 versions of it where:
1)Feast is the regular Warband one but tweeked and improved.
2)During war time where its only active/unlocked during the war and where only vassals/commanders are present and where can discuss about the strategy or split the task among vassals where certian amoun will go on:
-Agressive stance (attack) where vassals will vote (ultimate decision chosing is on ruler) which zone/part to attack
- Neutral stance (attack and defend when needed/situational) where when given its NPCs skill and traits that affect aproach to it
-Defensive stance where those vassals will stay within the kingdom borders go around and patrol/defend casles from enemies attacks/counterattacks.

Also the only way to sorta get some tracsion on your suggestion is to put it everytwhere like go to other avenues like their reddit,stea... and post same thing there and MAYBE just maybe some decision making ppl will see it BUT your plea/suggestion will MOST LIKELY SADLY be ignored like everyone elses bcs oh its to complex and they want to OVERSIMPLIFY EVERYTHING NO MATTER WHAT/AT ANY COST.
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