My review(ish) of releaseversion bannerlord

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I don't disagree at all, but that opinion on the matter got blitzed by 1,001 people complaining they couldn't find enough Fians in a reasonable timeframe. All sorts of people complained about it too, not just on here -- Steam forumers, Redditors, Twitch streamers, YouTube LPers -- basically everyone hated it when nobles were hard to get. And it tied into other complaints, like leveling Leadership to get the Discipline perk at Leadership 150 so you could turn bandits into nobles. Almost nobody would've given a rat's ass about Leadership's issues with leveling if it weren't for the perk.

So TW just nuked the rarity and made it easy.
Yeah, that bandit>noble was a very questionable design which made no sense. That's the issue with this whole development, they could've done something interesting or added depth so 'nobles' meant something, they opted to go the most basic/cutback route to just essentially turn into regular troops and that's what we have; nothing 'noble' about them.


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It was showing up to a certain fief and recruiting the special troops, like Mamluks from Damascus -- it wasn't that different.
Yep. I was thinking more of lance recruitment system in that mod > smtg more realistic and believable if one presents its game as "simulation of medieval life"


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what makes you feel this? i've played like 200 hours and i cant get past how 8 factions (3 of which are the exact same thing) are mushed into this tiny space

it completely lacks the feel of distant empires and threats
I think the map is appropriately big but it "feels" small. Town icons are uneccessarily huge and remind me of those Rome 2 monstrosities. If town icons were like in warband it would feel larger. Also the absurd amount of chokepoints and mountains. They dont actually serve any gameplay purpose, other than constraining players on narrow paths of movement. I feel like im playing pacman sometimes. Warband had these flat open terrains, but also when you were in Rhodok territory, you FELT the mountains. In Bannerlord youre so suffocated by the messed up terrain that Battania, which is supposed to feel mysterious and mountainous, actually feels flatter than other areas.


Lol. Spiele das Spiel, zum ersten Mal. Ich besitze die Landkarte zur Hälfte. Bin Millionär. Alles gut. Aber ich bin komplett allein. In der Sandbox. Keine Gefährten. Glück nach tausend Anfragen, eine Frau zu finden. Bin ich dumm, oder hässlich?
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