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Hello everyone!

Lately I've become more and more inactive in Warband, particularly the competitive scene. This has been as a result of a few different reasons, but I decided that after ~3 years, I'm just going to completely retire from competitive Warband. The biggest reason for retiring is that of the next 13 months, I'll be spending 10-11 of them in Japan. I also have a feeling that even when I come back for a few months this Fall, that the competitive scene (at least in NA) might not even be around anymore. This thread may seem a bit dramatic or excessive, but 3 years of playing a game almost daily with a bunch of people--clanmates or not--who I eventually got to know pretty well has made it a pretty big part of my life until now.


My first and biggest thanks goes to Balion. I joined Balion less than a month after buying Warband, and was essentially personally taught how to play the game by Mad Dawg, Peasant and Zero. Looking back now, having started as a complete noob**** in a competitive scene that was already playing at a pretty high level, I really appreciate the work and patience those three put into teaching me how to play. It also kind of shocks me how much progress I made while in Balion. I believe I am still the only member (previous or current) of Balion to ever start from the very bottom rank (Guard) and eventually achieve the highest non-leadership rank (Veteran). Ranks don't seem to mean much to most clans or groups of players, but in Balion it was a big part of how the clan functioned and played together. Some of my best Warband memories are of times spent with Balion, and I still sometimes miss the dudes.


Next I'd like to thank my Team Canada bros, specifically those who played with me in all 3 of my Team Canada seasons. Having captained Team Canada for 3 years in a row, I really got to know some of the guys I was playing with a lot more than I would have, since many of them were members of different clans from mine; Gelden, Mafioso, Cradoc, Mok, Tesla, Rallix, Mike, Varill, Chewbacca, Unix and Kaiser just to name a few. I had such a great time with the Nations Cups that I participated in, and playing with such an easy-going and friendly group of guys made it extremely enjoyable every year. I will still never forget that narrow victory over Russia in Nations Cup 2013. It was thrilling to say the least to win against such a scary good team, even just in the group stage. This thanks also goes to those of you who joined my Canucks team for BIT. Clearly we didn't have a very good season, but it was refreshing and fun to play in a North American tournament with such a different group of players than what I had been used to.


I'd like to thank TaleWorlds as well, simply for developing what is arguably my favourite game of all time. The dev team has done a great job keeping the game balanced between SP and MP, as well as keeping the fanbase and competitive community relatively happy. Captain Lust has also done a fantastic job in keeping the competitive scene alive and exciting with the use of social media, and his impressive streams with both MB_tv and Horse & Sword. Warband Battlestream should also be recognized for pioneering Warband competitive streams. Alongside Lust and TaleWorlds, I'd like to thank the NA streamers and Warband NA for bringing Lust's innovations to the NA community. Cradoc, Boogy, Eman, Fehnor and others have done some amazing work for the Warband community and have helped make the game a lot more enjoyable for me and I'm sure others.

My final major thanks goes to West Knights. First of all, to be clear, I am in no way leaving wK. haha

After Balion began to fizzle, I made the tough decision to leave. I found myself feeling like I had nowhere to go in competitive Warband. Having always gotten along well with wK's members, I started hanging out with them a lot more. It didn't take very long before wK felt like home. I get a long fantastically with all of wK's members, and I really feel like I'm part of something special. Wreaking havoc in WNL's C Division was a blast, and all of my matches with wK have been a lot of fun. Big thanks to Calamity and Gelden in particular, who both really pushed me to join.

I have a few more:

Thanks to TMW for always being like a second Warband home to me. Mad respect to Clockwise, Rurin, Beo, Unicorn, Mok and the rest of them dorks.

Big thanks to AnimeClub for showing the world how ****ing retarded anime can be, and generally is. ケルさまのばか

Thanks to the various admin teams who have started and maintained the many tournaments I've participated in: NASTe, BIT, UNAC, Nations Cup, WNL, etc.

Thanks to Scott Ray for showing me what true rage is, and in doing so keeping me away from the dark side of the force gaming. But also props for being a total boss.

Thanks to the rest of the NA community, clans and players old and new. I've had a great time with all of you, and clearly it wouldn't be possible without the rest of you.

In conclusion, I'm very happy with my time playing Warband competitively. I feel like I've been near the top of each infantry, ranged, cavalry and even (maybe) dueling at least at some point in my 3 years of competitive play. It's been really rewarding to work hard and accumulate enough skill at most aspects of Warband MP to play at such a high level in each. Though I'll still be around every once in a while to pub or to hop in on a match, I'm really going to miss the thrill of the things you experience in Warband, like a close match, a particularly tough melee, a deadly crossfire, a shootout with an opposing ranged player, a cavalry hit from either your team or the opposite, and a clutched round or match.

Thanks again to the community and for the experiences I've had with this game! Best wishes to all of you in your future endeavours!
Does this mean I can become the king of Manitoba or is that still taken?

Will miss you Juve!
hey lets not be hasty, think about it
japanese ping in nations cup would be epic

good luck to you been fun
Juvenile said:
Big thanks to AnimeClub for showing the world how ******** retarded anime can be, and generally is. ケルさまのばか

ばか じゃない
I'll miss you senpai, please visit Akihabara and send me pics of maids.


I'll make sure senpai notices me in Bannerlord
I'll miss you man. I can still remember when I started playing about 2 and half years ago when I was in DoF and scrimming the Guards when you were a Sergeant. Ah the feels
Wow, took me a day to see this.

We'll miss you. One of the friendliest/swaggiest guys out there. I'd like to reiterate that your sig remains true.

RIP Juve 2k14




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