My opinions after 800 hours played on what should be added to the game

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Hello to the team, I really enjoy the game and I noticed you made many improvements that I was thinking about.

Below is only concerning singleplayer

I wish to play the singleplayer/sandbox mode with my friends on local server, like valheim. Just make it the same as singleplayer with only gamemaster pause to the time and that's it. With an option so that we can join or leave other player's clan.

- Smithing economy is still broken, what the point of workshop, caravan or any other revenue when you can change a 250 dinars dagger into a 40k javelin? Smithing brings 2 attributes point and the best weapons, that should be enough and it shouldn't be possible to sell crafted weapon at all (or make it an option like iron man mode).
- Getting all the smithing plans is way too long, especially for people like me who like to start again often, you should get the recipe when you climb the smithing skill 1-75 tier one 75-150 tier two etc. clicking thousands of time on one button to is not fun and it's enough to have to grind the skill to 300+
You can think a of complete revamp of smiting gameplay but it's not urgent.
Crafting armor would be nice too

You should be able to see heroes/companions attribute's points in the encyclopedia to make it easier to find those that will suit your game style. You should be able to choose the perks of all your clan members when they join your clan, same as your brother in the campaign. You should be able to choose a perk lower in the ladder if none suits you in the two you can choose from ( but not save perks to take 2 higher)

Villagers and caravans don't give you roguery points when you kill them after they refuse to comply to your demand which stop you from playing a Rogue in the beginning of the game. Leading bandits troops doesnt give you Roguery point either.

Give more attributs point to players, when you reach high level you have 20-25 points distributed above 2/10 and it stops you from exploring all the aspect of the game, one point every 2 level or put more attribute points in perks like in smithing and endurance

It's too long to wait for random pregnancy, make it very easy to have the first 3 children, easy for the first 5 and then harder.

When you fight defending a siege you shouldn't be allowed to retreat to fight again, to prevent killing hundreds of men by just retreating when they start climbing the walls.

Shieldwall is less effective against arrow than the loose formation

Ballista should up your crossbow skill, not your bow, catapults should up your engineering not throwing. you should be able to chose the range of your catapult.

Make an option to force troops into polearm when they have one so they can be useful against cavalry.

Thick brigandine vest is the best armor in the game if you take weight into account and the problem is that it's ugly and doesn't let you roleplay your faction. Every faction should have a light civilian outfit with similar stat and cool looking. I modified the game files to do so but would be better if implemented in game. Give us some cool civilian shoulder too.

That's all I can think of for now, thank you for reading to the end and let me all know what you think
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