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I was looking through my old suggestions. After a year or so of inactivity on this forum, it was fun reeding but sad to see non of them are implemented.

Regencies and abdication
Abdication is close to implemented! You can atleast retire your charachter nowdays. But sad to see regencies having no solution. This suggestion sounds very easy to implement to me! :smile:

Complement to Death - Maim
As the title reads, complement to death. When written, a lord died every month or so! Nowdays random death in AI-AI battle or other simulated battles is very rare but still... A chance to see warlords retire to castle-management would be fun! No need to say it but its not implemented in any way.

Increase troop recruit and upgrade cost and abstract trade goods for their gear
Radical suggestion to make troop upgrades more expensive and require tradegoods for upgrading. A lot of micromanagement but we have it for food and horses.
I´d still like it but not supriced its not implemented as its ... well... radical and quite complex as it changes the economy of the game with a huge balance impact.

Base of Operation
Somewhere to live! Have a home to decorate and a household to manage. See your children grow, manage your wardrobe of civilian gear, impress to nobles or notables!
Not implemented.

The Clan
Idea for a more lively map with clans for doing trade, for bandits and for protecting fiefs. Not in the game

Minor clans
A bit of the same topic as above but only focus on AI. Spawn more "player-clans", IE independent level 0 clans with a single low-level charachter that - alike the player in a new game, tries to carve a place in the world. Depending on their random traits, they tend to focus on different paths to reach the magic level2 where they can be recruited as a normal clan. Not in the game.

Clan Purpuse and Diversity
Clans have different strenghts and specialications. Imagine a perk-tree alike skill-upgrade. Not all clans should be exactly the same!
Probably my most favoured suggestion.... But not in the game.

More T1 upgrade paths
Unit diversity! T1 recruits have unlockable paths to.... Well... Anything! Militia, caravanistas, bandits, mercs.. Anything but nobles really! But bear in mind... "Unlockable"! Not even the current "Regulars"- trees are allways unlocked. Its fun and maybe abit radical. Ofc not implemented in any degree.

Birth right
Who will take over the clan when the current leader dies? This suggestion tries to set the foundation of a diversified heir- system and prediction in who is the heir to the throne. I can´t see any patterns today when a ruler dies, more than that some kingdoms have a higher chanse than others to retain the same clan as ruler. but I don't think this is implemented in any diversified way.

Tradeskill & Experience gain
Another favoured suggestion. What trade does is good and strong but it could do so much more! Have a look :smile: Not implented.

Thanks for reading and hope some of them can find a rivival :grin:
Birth right is a great idea. It would also give the player better direction when deciding who to marry (if they want to marry the heir to a powerful clan/kingdom or not)
Tons of ideas like this in the forms let’s hope the developers read and implement a lot of it I mean it’s so easy to make all that denars but nothing to really spend it on a house would be a fine example and time with ur spouse and kids would be awsome also let’s hope they don’t relie on mods bc that put us poor console users with just a husk
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