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Hello people, I have joined the forums with the hope that my report gets noticed by the game developers, I'd also like to share some input for game content and get feedback from y'all.

I'll start off with bugs that I have observed in my game

1. Comparison between items no longer works (apparently from what i googled, it could be related to selecting the first trade perk). I now have to compare the items by checking each stat, they are no longer marked in red or green
2. Erta the shieldmaiden shows incorrect location in the encyclopedia after meeting once. It always shows Varcheg as current location when she's not there, and actually elsewhere like in Vlandian city.
3.There's no stat difference between the two tier 3 imperial melee troops, purely cosmetic armour colour.
4. Gargonlia (or something like that imperial village) gives an infinite bandite hideout quest, the moment you destroy the hideout it resurrects and the quest is available again
5. Accepting Mazen poacher quest gives CTD when attempting to do any action.
6. Formation settings reset for Companions. You can set your Companion to Cavalry III or Horse Archer IV, it resets after re-loading savegame.
7. During battle there is an incorrect reference to cavalry as "infantry" during commands
8. Battle simulation is too easy to train/injure troops just by fighting looters, compared to playing actual battle where you get little to no EXP for upgrading troops, needs balancing.
9. Doing the "find daughter quest" makes you lose the "merciful" trait if finishing without persuasion. Which is odd, considering it's hard to gain or lose traits.

From here on I will share bugs/balance issues that can skewer the campaign gameplay with screenshots.

10. Weapons get mixed up images during inventory menu

11. Lighter armor has nearly the same stats as heavier armor, there is no point buying lamellar armor weighting 11 and costing 9k when you can get for 6k weighting only 3 and getting no speed penalties.

12. Sending companion on mountain bandit quest always auto-finishes the quest in a day or two with no update, teleports the companion to the corner of the map, I have no idea if it's done purposely (captured companion?) but there's no written update for that.

13. Mina the black has no stats, everything is 0.

Lots of item stats need balancing, some helmets for example have the same stats (kettle helmed vs plumed nomad helmet), but the plumed helmet has a much has higher value. (Unless it's cosmetic value?)

Map needs bandit units with larger numbers not just 5 (only looters roam up to 20). Also include units like deserters, not just looters or the occasional bandit

The map is full of rivers that divide kingdoms, it would be great if ferry's would be included on those rivers to transport you for a fee % based on troop amount it would increase the speed at which you can travel without having to travel half of the map to get to another kingdom.

There needs to be some sort of auto-surrender/persuade function for NPC's when they're against overwhelming odds, it doesn't make sense for 5 raiders to always face 80 warriors.
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