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firstly there should be some sort of health bar for horses (if there armoured it should included there armour. like a shieled is on a normal player). Once a horse has become limp its basically useless . Extremly annoying in the earlier stages when money is tight and you cant afford another one. So maybe horses can be healed like you are by time or in a tavern. OR maybe there could be stables where you leave your horse for a day and it gets healed (for a small price) and maybe they can train horses for better stats ( again for a price).

similarily i think the tournament event could be so much more developed. Maybe like a realy tournament eg:

a on foot mele competition

a mounted competition

a jousting competition

archer competitiong

all in both 1v1 and 2v2.

Also it think that there should be a tournament ring in every city but maybe they should look a little more basic. e.g a ring of sand encircled by just wooden fence with sand on the bottom.

hope these were helpful.
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