Resolved my game opens and stays in the background with no screen

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Hello everyone. I'm on Windows 10, I bought M&B Warband on original Steam, I clicked "play" and the launcher didn't even open. I tried using the exe file but it didn't work. I tried absolutely everything, including reinstalling and repairing Windows C++ redistributables, updating Windows, validating the integrity of Warband game files, checking that "Run this program in compatibility for" was unchecked in "Properties" and subsequent "Properties" options. Compatibility" for exe file. I unsubscribed all the mods I had subscribed to the Steam Workshop and went to Steam/steamapps/workshop/content/48700 and deleted everything from there. I noticed that when I open the task manager and check, it is running in the background and it's like I'm playing on Steam. This issue is unique to Warband, no other game I have in my Steam library. I have absolutely no idea what to do to fix this. I already formatted the computer and the problem persists. If anyone has an idea what it is, how to solve it or even who to contact, I would be very grateful.
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