My fan-fictional writing (Empire's Winter)

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Hello, morning alll

I have started creating some sort of fan-fiction writing about Bannerlord...

I didn't finished yet, hope will soon at least this part, but only at night after work.

I'm open to criticism, compliments, whatever you want say to me, even help to write.

Hope you enjoy

Has to download because it's in pdf and the download lasts for a week

I took liberty to write they way I see fit with the charatcers TW has given us, even if on game there's so little about them
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Here the update of the small fan fic

Hope you all enjoy, Sorry for the Late update! Had a lot going on



Hey, all!

Sorry for the VERY VERY late update.

Adult's life is really boring and full of compromises and responsibilities. hahaha

Anyway, I hope you all are enjoying my writing, native english isn't my mother language, so forgive me for any spell wrongers.

Without further delay, here it's:

Hope you all enjoy!

Best regards,


P.S: Anyone knows how can give this to Taleworld as a gift? It's almost done and I'd like gift them with this writing. So, hope you forgive me for this @Dejan , @Callum .... But, how when it's done I can send this to the team? Thanks!
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