My experience esploring Tull.

Sir William the Brave

Knight at Arms
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It is well known as it have zombies there. So i rode my horse to the town. I saw a hundred of corpse laying around the town. I also found a chest and i took the telescope. Then suddenly a person rise from his death! I took out my weapon loaded my trusty saw off winchester and a rail way hammer(this hammer is one hit kill for me!) I shot into they head . After running out of bullet..I cheated yep, You can cheat if you ran out of bullet by open your inventory. After the fight I get the heck out of there.

The End.

-Jerry Black(My character name in this mod.)


My agility is around 33 and my athletics is around 10, so I sprinted into town, got my telescope, and sprinted out.  :grin:

I love extremely high level stats!  I am so fast I can outrun a horse effortlessly. :mrgreen:

Captured Joe

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Walk through the main streets; look at the houses to your right; against one of them, there is a pile of boxes; walk to there, you see an option to 'open chest' (just like the chests in your own castle in native); there's the telescope, you can drop it in your inventory.

BTW, in my experience, the zombies only appear the first time you enter Tull.