My curiosity brought me back, and Smithing's still locked under a crap system

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My curiosity brought me back, and Smithing's still locked under a crap system.

Basically they've kept the full-rage RNG for unlocking parts apparently, that's just bad design and I won't go further because I've discussed this 2 years ago already and I had enough. Suffice to say that the "feature" remains a massive problem, it's pure RNG nature and somewhat bad implementation makes it either useless or completely broken (you either don't unlock anything you want or that is useful, or you unlock imbalanced javelins and break the economy)

NVM, seems that they are "fixing" this 2 years later with 1.8 xD

It still sounds dumb, though, the more believable and pseudo-realistic move would be to allow full parts with materials and proficiency playing the entire game on success or failure. So if you make, say, a intricate shape but use Iron, it'll become unstable, too heavy and eventually break or bend. If you make it with steel, it works. If you put too much ratio of hardened steel on a sword, it breaks. So on so forth. Making it work as "unlockables" turns it into a mini-game arcade where the player doesn't have any fun, and basically you create hard locks for parts that are more efficient than others, period, destroying any degree or possibility for customization.
There's a reason everybody rolls with the same javelins, the same falx blades, the same 2 handed swords, same 2 handed axes, etc. That's just bad Design.

It'd be nice to see players reproducing real world techniques, for instance, by using low carbon cores on exceptionally hardened steel exteriors for swords, have some guys make iron head javelins with more damaging tips to eco on materials allowing for more ammo but at the cost of it being extremely heavy, etc...
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It's not entirely random anymore in 1.8, but still annoying. Now you only unlock Javelin parts by smelting/smithing Javelins, and so on.

You also have to unlock the parts in order of tier (can't unlock any tier IV parts until you've unlocked all tier III parts, for example).

But they also added a bunch of seemingly useless pommels to some weapon types since they didn't have enough parts I guess. At least two-handed maces, dunno which others.


Exactly the pommels. Pommels for axe, pommel for mace... pommels everywhere 😁
And what adds salt into injury, when you start unlocking lets say one handed axe, first you go thru all pommels! So after spending eternity forging and smelting (understand clicking your mouse like psycho) you got one basic axe head unlocked lvl1, one lvl1 basic handle and dozens of frickin pommels. Book example of rage quit 🤭
Edit: and on few occasions I saw that "none" has been added as a receipt 😅
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