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In Progress My achievements are disabled after 2500+ game days

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No, I didn't use any mods.


Summary:My achievements disabled
How to Reproduce:no idea
Have you used cheats and if so which:no i haven't used any cheat
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OS:Windows 10
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After i defeated the vlandians in the conspiracy war quest my game tells me my achevements are disabled. i don't use any mods and didn't even open the console to cheat this whole time (2500+ game days) and my save is legit.please help me even if it is a rollback version of my save.
For me it is the same. No mods, no cheats. I'm 1100+ days in the campaign. Not done the main quest yet (didn't reveal the Dragon Banner) but at one poit i just load and a small notice appeared "achievements disabled". I don't know for what action. I'm on ironmode no cheats no mods pure vanilla. - It is not the end of the worl but tbh i like to go for the achivements in this game. (Normaly i don't care but here it is different)
Hey, our team is aware of the issue and working on it. Thank you for reporting it in and sorry for the inconvenience.
Hey, our team is aware of the issue and working on it. Thank you for reporting it in and sorry for the inconvenience.
When you do find a fix, will it enable us to restore achievements to ongoing campaigns that have had them disabled for no apparent reason? Would hate to have to restart yet another campaign. I've had my achievements turned off in the middle of three separate campaigns, the last one in Iron Mode.
Hey, our team is aware of the issue and working on it. Thank you for reporting it in and sorry for the inconvenience.
the small window on the bottom right "access to the steam community" no longer appears.
my last achievement was on January 31st
I have also noticed the "Achievements Disabled" for a while now, I am playing on Ironmode also and I am running the base game only. I do hope this gets resolved soon.
i stopped playing the game. Achievements are turned off in the middle of the game (wtf). There are similar ones where the game and support works great
@Rakkas If you log a support ticket and supply the necessary info I am sure you will be helped eventually. I was unable to play for three weeks but they did eventually fix the issue I had in a hotfix.
I completed the whole campaign as my own faction and destroyed all three empires and still didn't get the achievement for destroying the empire on PS5
Just had same issue, only affected my ironman save.

I think the issue was partly due to steam, I found a reddit post that seems to identify what possibly part of the issue -
I have had a problem where if I launch steam open bannerlord, the cloud sync never happens so I can’t see past achievements and when I go into the game achievements are disabled. Solution is to exit game and restart steam and make sure you can see the achievement tracker.

This solution fixed the issue for me but unfortunately my ironman save is now permanently borked, seems if you ever save while achievements are disabled on it, they're forever disabled on it.

The thing is it wasn't clear I was playing de-synced, as steam wasn't fully offline and didn't ask me to play in offline mode. I might have gotten the achievements disabled notification and not noticed it.

I now just wish I could at least get rid of the annoying 'achievements disabled' message at the beginning of loading my save.

With Ironman I think it should create a backup save of the last achievements-enabled save if you ever break achievements somehow.
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