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Yo ma duds wat up it's yaboi.

I've got some minty fresh OSP for you.

I've been cleaning my PC lately and being the self centered Person I am, I of course told everyone on Discord. People told me why not get all my old stuff onto forum, so that's what I'm doing here.
I'll only upload medieval stuff, since probably noone is interested in sci fi assets.
It's 30 items give or take, and I gotta tell you some pros and cons first.

    Free ****!
    All of them are pretty lowpoly (Except one whole scene, which I only put in because why not)

    To use them, you gotta switch the textures from .png / .jpg to .dds - It takes FOREVER to switch ALL one of them, and i wanna go to bed  ༼ ಥ︵ಥ ༽ 
    Alot of them don't fit together because they stem from different Projects that I did at some point.
    Alot of them have different levels of quality, because I made them at different stages of skill

Right, so that being sorted:


Barrel: Bed: Bench: Bunch of Bowls: Cabinet: Campfire: Candle: Carpet: Chest: Cover: EatingCup: Fence: Firewood: FlourSack: Mortar (not the one you fire with) Kettle: WoodPlanks: Only 3 WoodPlanks: PalisadePieces: Palisade Gate: RopePile: Scale: Shelf: Small Shelf: Skull: 4 Rocks: Table: Woodbox: Woodcrate: Wooden hut: Bandit Cave Scene It uses a megatexture - use at own (loadtime)cost
phew. my god this was alot of Ctrl V...

Right. so Possibly, I've done something wrong (wrong link / wrong picture / buggy) - If that's the case, please tell me, and I'll fix it : )

I've got some sci fi stuff, or a mountain scene that uses an 8k texture...
if anyone is interested in that, I'll upload it.
I didn't right now, because the texture alone is like 100Mb, and I have a 2k internet connection ._.


Edit: Fixed some names, and since "Der Greif" was interested in Sci fi ****, here goes:

Bunch of Sandy Rocks (Tatooine lel):
Tie Figher:

Big Static MG:

Sci Fi looking WW1 Trenches:

A bunch of test Props you can use to layout a map (or to create a Tron thingy)


Edit: "lordmuda" wanted a bow, and I had one lying around on my pc, no idea if the .obj and textures are helpful though, as it has to be rigged to the warband skeleton  :???:


Edit: Did some Carts for a Persistant World Expansion that'll come out.... at some point ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Civilian Cart:

War Cart:
Thank you for sharing! There are some great assets in this bundle! I am also interested in Sci-Fi assets, and I am sure other people of the community would be, too.

By the way: GrindThing: a pestle - the bowl is called a mortar.

Scale is correct, that is a scale.

Best wishes!
kk thanks mydud, my engrish isn't the best. >_>

Alright, If you're interested in sci fi stuff... Just don't say I didn't warn you :grin:
most of the stuff is Star wars (Tie Fighters - consoles, **** like that)
And possibly some stuff I did for Bear Force 2 (I won't post all of it though as i don't wanna piss off
the guy who leads the mod ^^)
well of course I can 3d model bows, but the problem with bows is, that they need to be put into warband somehow...

like, I have no idea how I would put this bow into warband.


I can model it sure, I can animate it aswell, but implementing?  :ohdear:

but hey- if you want it, I've put the .obj and textures in the osp. why not :grin:
Very nice cards! This is something WB has been severely lacking.

I read on discord that you're planning to do tents, too. Please include them in your OSP! :smile:
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