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Yes Mabons, I understand that I said something bad. I would just like to know what it was. This is the first time I have been muted for anything, by any game. So I'm piqued


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I actually got muted once for saying Sad! in excess so I no longer have faith in Taleworld's 100% accurate and unbiased punishment system.. Sad!
You buncha goons!

I noticed this thread had activity and I was hoping for some concrete answers! however it was just a buncha nerds having a romp with me. I will be jaded now the next time I come to check this thread. :*(


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I think only a few or even no one has ever gotten an aswer why they were muted. I was never told why I was banned, think it was because I said "you cant say n*****". Bit me in the arse.


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Literally there have been dozen of posts like this. In most cases when TaleWorlds crew finally check what happened it turns out they seriously violated the rules. I'm just going to assume this is a troll post..
Alyss feel whatever you need to. I don't need any of you to believe me. I am not arguing that I didn't say something that deserves a ban, I was just curious to see what it was that got me banned? I rarely am rude. I sure as hell never use racial slurs but.. again believe what you will. It has no bearing on me.

Thank you very much Dirtshrimp
haha very funny UlfKarl.

This was not a troll post I posted this out of genuine curiosity Loyal2Odin.

I am not asking Tale Worlds to reverse the mute or anything like that. I can handle not talking for a few days. A lot of games all I ever say is "GLHF" "GR" and "GGWP"
Strange Loop is one of the least toxic players I've seen in this game. The bans are random AF though; I got game banned for 3 days for dueling and killing my clanmmates while we were waiting for a round to end when a troll was glitched outside the map. The answer, as always, is TW. Sad!
Thank you Aenarion :smile:

you and shrimp commenting on this is super awesome, maybe even Ulf :wink:

the one thing that this mute has perhaps done for me is now I am going to check the forums for familiar names and such, perhaps comment on them a bit!


You are enabling a convicted abuser and possible racist instead of staging an intervention for him.
Well as Taleworlds have not provided any evidence to support muting loop, I will go off my own experience with him which has been thoroughly positive.
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