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Hi all !

First, sorry cause I don’t speak english very well, so I try to do my best.

One year ago, I discovered MnB : With Fire and Sword, appeared in 2009 in Poland and Russia, under the engine of the first one MnB.
Satisfied to see it adapting on Warband, I buy it and there a drama  :???:, the music, where is the first WFaS’ music ? Many tracks were simply eliminated...

For that reason, I allowed to modify this file, by adding old tracks, what makes the game more interesting.

You just need to download this file :

1) Save your original Music folder (in case you wouldn't like these).

2) Put tracks of Music 2, Music 3 and Music 4 in the new Music.

3) Place this into your With Fire and Sword directory, and merge this file with your original Music.

4) Apply 'Yes to all' for replace tracks.

5) Now, you have all With Fire and Sword musics :wink:

New update :

Don't forget to make a back up.

I upload two files, one, if you want to keep Warband music :

An other if you want to change this  :smile:

I also change the name of Russian Marksman (for english and french versions), to Strelets, and Streltsy (pl.).

It's normal if you have two times "Na zielonej Ukrainie".

Installation :
- music.txt into Modules\Ogniem i Mieczem

- troops.txt into Modules\Ogniem i Mieczem\languages

- Music into With Fire and Sword directory.

Tracklist :
- OiM : Szarza jazdy polskiej
- OiM : "Na zielonej Ukrainie"

- Hicaz Humayun Pesrevi (Old Janissary music).
- Hucum Marsi (same)

- Total War ^^

Cordialement, Ermanamer.


Game is especially enjoyable with film soundtrack from wfas movie: good theme for battle for siege free roaming on steppe this could be main menu theme:wink:


Nice idea !

I will try to work on this, but you must be patient cause I don't have a lot of time  :wink:

I also think take turkish or Cossack music... or others maybe like these songs :

- at 2:40 to 5:00,

Or like these for Crimean :



Poland-Lithuanian Commonwealth :


But actually I am learning how make a mod, I'm interested (to try ^^) to create a mod, or something, on Romanian history  :razz:

I think that can be hard  :neutral:
Like the recommendations!

My favourite to listen to while playing though:


Now I have downloaded the files, but the files don't seem to add any files. The files seem to have the same names as the old music files. There are 97 music files, but I had 97 files in the old music folder too. The only difference that I have found so far is that new 97 music files take up 196 MB while the old 97 files take up 262 MB.

What's this all about?

Ah, now I see. The files are named the same, but they have other music.


good morning

Ermanamer thanks a lot for ur work to upload the music files

the "orginal mod " music makes mutch more "vibes :mrgreen:"

best wishes


(cant understand why sich dont use some more "folklore music" it cant be ever an license problem many of them is free or easy to get )


Grandmaster Knight
the music in this
trailer would be great in the main menu
I know it's some serious digging up I'm doing here  :mrgreen: but I was looking for some music to replace the original which is really starting to get on my nerves, so I found this topic and was wondering if anyone still had the files and could reupload them somwhere/ or had something similar to point me to
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