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I would like to know more about the soundtrack with a woman singing in Old English (or something). It's incredibly beautiful.
Songs and music is in credits:


• Genial sound track of Adorno
• Checkmaty – battle rounds
• Zesus – Main theme

And these groups and persons for let we use them work:

•  Carlo Schiaroli (Paeninsula Italica BSO)
•  Taylor Hayward
•  zero-project (Autumn prelude and Irish wedding)
•  Christian Brassy (Cantigas)
•  Celtic Chill (Beyond The Mist )
•  Deiedra (Sean Ryan Polka (live in the pub))
•  william elmore (soul journey, river daughter  and here comes the rain )
•  DU Concert Band (Spring Concert '08: Folk Wisdom)
•    [JaGeR]
I've tracked down the specific song I'm interested in to a file called travel_vaegir.ogg in the Music folder. Does that mean it was actually in vanilla?
No, we saved vainilla names for songs. I havent it now, but I think that you are talking about Celtic Chill (Beyond The Mist )
shrekasantrasis said:
Its funny, because i want to know whats the actual name of "travel_vaegir" music in brytenwalda. Awesome piece of track.

Is it this song?
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