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i was wondering if i could get a list of the songs in this mod, one of them sounds so damn familiar i can't figure out where i know it from.

thanks, Sio Pallaeon


Some of the bgm's are actually from the movie, "The Last of the Mohicans" was what I found out. hm, I'm not entirely sure about names of the music though.


Seeing at the mod maker here doesn't want me to open a new topic, I'll just ask here:
Does anyone have a full list of the music used in this game?

I already know:
The Promontory - Trevor Jones
British Grenadiers

Specifically, above all, I'd love to know the two or three tavern songs, as the language they sing in is not English.


hi, i wanted the musics too, so,as  nobody gives us any title, i went searching in the module folder, and found them all!! you can open the music files in .ogg format with VLC media player and you can convert them with a free conversion program!
One of the tavern song is "Au 31 du mois d'Août" (an old french military song ) and the other is "Susan dei marinai" ( from the italian singer Gianfranco Michele Maisano)
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