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We were starting a Clan Match against an rivial team.
The Game was open and the enemy joined.[We had contact over Steam with our enemy].
Normally, it would start the server and we would load the map, but nothing happend.
After 5 minutes we restarted the game, but we could not login.

Error message:
Login Failed Could not destroy your old session [ScreenShot_LoginFailed]

How to Reproduce:
You could try to set up a clan match with password, let player join and start the game.

Error presumption:
When joining a server, it is very likely that a session token is set to know if the player is currently in a game. But since we never joined the server, the server [Database] still tries to assign us to the server [Game Server] . [Infinity Loop]
Since our data is actively being used, the server cannot close our old session. Most likely a trap function in the allocation code segment.

Media ScreenShot_LoginFailed

Computer Specs:
not necessary, as several players with different spec had the problem.
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