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hi, figured I'd make a seperate topic for this, since its pretty different from the other aspects of the mod. I really want to get a lot of people playing the MP of TEATRC. I really enjoy the different factions and units and the fact that the different factions actually has major weaknesses and strenghts. Also that the uber weapons are in MP and only the faction that fits with the uber gets it, makes the gaming experience so much more colourful and fun.  :mrgreen:

I have (I think) managed to set up a dedicated server called: "TEATRC_mod_server" which is currently running with 7 bots on each side. I was planning on keeping it on today and see if anyone is able to see the server in the list and join. If you do please post here letting me know that it worked.

this topic can be used for discussing everything that has to do with TEATRC MP, and also for finding people to play TEATRC with.

Note: I would like to add something that I dont think everyone knows. If you are in native and go to the server list, my server will pop up even though its a TEATRC server (if it works that is :razz:) you CAN join that server even though you are running native. There will just be a prompt if you would like to switch to this module, and the game does it for you and you'll join the game. Pretty neat huh? (I just discovered this recently, and figured I'd share it with you)

EDIT: I just found out that to make the server show up in the server browser, one has to hit "Start Search" not just go in to the browser. Dont know why, but if youre trying to find the server and cant see it, try hitting "Start Search". 
Great to see someone is interested :smile: I'll keep the server on most of the day today, and I'll see if I can have it on during the day for european people tomorrow too. I live in Trondheim, Norway (middle of norway) so its best ping for people in north europe. However, I have a 100Mb/sec line so I dont think it will be that bad in any case.
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