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I am guilty of having teamkilled in captain mode on the 20.01.2022. Understandably I now have a ban until the 22nd of January. I do not have a problem with that. However, I have a request for taleworlds respectively the team managing the multiplayer related matters.

Which is, bring back the old voting-system where you needed 4 out of 6 Votes (over 51%) to throw someone out.

I don't know when the new one came in, but it's a big problem.
In the new voting system you need 5 out of 6 votes (over 67%) in favour of kicking someone. So everybody in the team exept the one voted against has to accept in order for the vote to go through. This does not really sound like a problem but in the majority of cases there is at least one player who is unable to press that F10 button because he either doesn't speak english, has everyone on mute, doesn't care, or is protecting his clan member. This makes the much asked for kick-ablilty futile.

That would be my main request which would be the most important part of this thread.

Now if you are still interested im more precise reasons for why this so important and also the possible exploitation of which im aware of, I will explain in the following part of the thread.

The reason for the ban was because apparently the player of whom I killed his archer squad of, and himself, reported me. It was on the Ebereth Hillfort map when my team was playing Battania. This map is known for the small spaces, tight streets and many obstacles which make cavalry and archers obsolete. So it seemed plausible that everybody took infantry. Everybody exept one person who went heavy archer. Hence, our team was wiped out quite fast in the first 5 minutes. My inablity to open the chat-log prevented me from asking him politely to take infantry instead. Luckily other teammembers aleady adressed him with that issue which he ignored. This person sat at the bottom of the leaderboard being a total liablity and refusing to co-operate with the team and listen to advice. This would not have been a problem in the past where he would have been kicked by behaving like that. But 4 out of 6 votes were simply not enough to throw him out. So in order to counter that ignorance I decided, after still insisting to take archers, to wipe him and his squad out. Successfully. One of the players even assisted me voluntarily which shows the frustration of the team for playing basically 5 vs 6. Ironically the person taking archer went infantry afterwards. So he got the message and I my report.

I have no issue with beginners or people making unintelligent moves. As long as they are thoughtful of their team. Captain mode in Bannerlord is very team reliant opposed to Warband's custom made Captain battle where good performing playes could equip their troops with the best weapons and armour. I have no problem with that. But ignorant beginners that work against the team, sabotaging the match and being egoistic by doing their own thing, lay heavy on such a team based gamemode and ruin the fun for everyone. Especially if the whole dead team has to spectate the left over player charging his 12 out of 12 bowmen in shieldwall against the enemy 30 legionaries with maces.
In the past times I have experienced a large influx of such kind of players who think they have the right of messing it up for everybody. So having a reliable kick-function would force them to think of their team and obey to the intrests of the majority or get rid of them.

I can comprehend the reason why I think the vote number has changed from 4, to 5 out of 6. Probably because it got very abused. I also had matches in the past where in the warmup phase people voted to kick me and succeeded. But I rather get kicked by toxic players 1 in 20 times than having one ignorant beginner who knows better, until getting teamkilled, every match.



Screenshots from first match after ban 22.01.2022 the faction and the map were ironically the same.
We were not able to kick at least one of those "trolls" out.
Again to remind what I am imploring for: The number for which a vote can pass should be 4/6 instead of 5/6.

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