multiplayer servers still crash regularly

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feel weird saying this because it's not something I ever envisioned while waiting for Bannerlord, but the servers are still crashing over 2 years on. I can't say how disappointed I am in how the game is being run but whoever is making the decisions has lost passion for game development


It is really strange that they haven't been able to fix it after all this time. It's literally killing multiplayer and the devs won't even talk to us about it whatsoever.


Servers have been crashing since the beta.. maybe even before that, And naive me thought they would fix it .
Disappointed and frustrated is what I feel about Bannerlord, and the lack of communication is ridiculous


I have to believe it's a structural problem that they either don't want to put the work in to fix or they literally can't and don't want to admit it. They bluntly refuse to communicate meaningfully so who really knows. Very bizarre.
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