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I am posting this thread in regard to the quality of the servers that came with the Quick Search Time fix from 14.01.2022.
This will only appy to the captain mode servers because that is all I have tested. For clarification what makes me certain that the problem is not on my end, the following events were experienced with an average ping of 35.

The server performance has never been worse in my experience. From package loss to whirlwinds and from micro lag to short server disconnects ending most of the time in full disconnects sending you back to the lobby.

First of all package loss. The icon for package loss on the left-hand side is almost always active which results in chunky gameplay, sudden rapid player and bot movement, sudden death and whirlwinds roaming in the sky for a short time. That leads to unfair encounters that make the game unenjoyable and frustrating.

Secondly, there is the constant micro lag. This is the first time I have experienced that kind of lag that doesn't disappear confusing the player and manipulating ingame weapon reach, character movement and makes it hard to hit targets with ranged weapons. Although annoying this applies to everyone. The bots in the contrary, having already super fast senses, are not affected.
In combination with the first point, it makes the game unplayable for me.

Finally, I want to bring up the short server disconnects which are the most severe. Players and Npcs moving infinitely towards their last direction, horsemen spinning around their own axis and the player unable to perform attacks. This phenomenon lasts sometimes for 10 seconds with a high chance of repeating itself afterwards which after 2 to 3 times means the server will disconnect you shortly. In some cases shutting down the game by task manager is the only way to exit because the game can't do it for you.
An example for this would we a 6 vs 6 match, standing 2 - 1 and winning the last round when in the last minute the server disconnects for 10 seconds and reconnects. When the whole process is over and the server is stabilized again, 4 players of one team were gone, and one of the other.

In conclusion the above mentioned points are all caused by the main issue which are the provided servers. The frequency of the points mentioned above is between frequent and very frequent especially the server crashes. Combined with the fact that you don't get loot either, makes it very unforgiving. There have been cases in which players expressed their frustrations in chat about the server performance in a angry and furious way.

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