Multiplayer is entirely unrecognizable from warband

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I reckon it's alright, hopefully within a year we'll have custom servers and modding which will bring back the Warband feel that we all love.

It's just sad to see how multiplayer gets so neglected in favor for singleplayer in terms of patches rolling out on a daily basis.
Just a reminder that this is still early access and these guys are working from home.

I am assuming they took out the skill gap to help new players have fun, and only the remaining Warband elite are bothered by it. I'm not a fan of the new mechanics myself, but I still have a lot of fun even though I can't stomp noobs anymore.

I have my fingers crossed that the matchmaker is keeping track of our fighting ability and will someday have servers that are faster and allow better feinting and chambering that you have to work your way up to. I found it hard to introduce new players to Warband since all they did was get wrecked at the beginning, so it would be good to have 'starter' servers.

And they did say the game was much more moddable than warband, so I'm sure there will someday be servers that cater to our individual needs. But remember, we still have a year before the game is complete. There are Warband servers still out there if you miss the high intensity of combat, or just need to run around naked.
Skirmish mode is fun and interesting to be fair.

The lack of a battle mode (or larger scale skirmish) is a bit annoying, especially for clan battles as in the good warband days.

EDIT: also, I don't know most of the people in this thread, but I have barely seen so much aggression to one person because he just says he likes the game.
Overall the game clearly needs to be improved (a lot), but mp battles in BL are fun and "approachable". I die so often and I suck so much, even though I was quite decent in WB, and still I have fun. The ceiling is lower? Maybe. It is probably.. differemt, to be improved (a lot) but different.
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