Multiplayer is asking for serial key?


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I had bought my game ages ago, originally 2008 and then the transfer of 2009.

Never in all these years have I been asked for my serial key. I run standard Native executor from desktop for past 5 years.

1. I went to RegEDIT/user/software and opened up Mount and Blade Keys, the one that actually says SERIAL KEY is blank, and only allows me to modify.
There is one under Hardware and one under ACTIVATION CODE, typing any of those variations into the request for serial key, turn up as invalid serial key.

2. I dont think I have my game registered with website, as I dont even know what email I would have used back then, which would be expired today (college email)

3. Is this tale-world-wide asking for serial key? or did I inadvertantly trip something (between the 45 minutes I had logged in earlier, and attempting to log in 20 minutes ago)?

Thanks for any clarity on the matter.


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It looks like you are running an early version of the Mount&Blade game.

The question you are asking is about the multiplayer part, so the game we are talking about it has to be <Mount&Blade: Warband>.

Did you have ever clean up the registry? Typically, the scene such as you meets usually happened after you cleaned up the registry or reinstalled the system.

Did you remember where did you buy the game? From steam or some website else?

I suggest you using the e-mail search function in the keywords "Warband" or "Mount&Blade". If you are lucky enough, you probably will find the e-mail with activation codes.

Good Luck.