Multiplayer Elephant In The Room. Khuzait Is Designed To Be Annoying To Play As And Annoying To Play Against, And Do Not Fit Into The Games Economy

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Nomad is buffed! (crab dance)

Spear Infantry is still slower than it should be but isnt hilariously slow anymore (crab dance)

As Hooni said, they still will continue to be bad as long as Spear inf is a 2 spawn unit and *gestures vaguely at horse archer* Lancer being the worst of the heavy cav doesnt help either.

Edit: Correction. The Eastern lance got a massive range buff which I did not originally see in the patch notes. I highlighted this specifically as something that was needed in the thread and I am extremely glad a change was made. This is massive for the class and means Lancer can be competitive in Cav vs Cav.

I mostly play Captain and Siege modes and if I get Khuzait I just quit the match because I hate playing them so much. Their infantry is virtually useless, they lack any shock troops, and cavalry AI is generally a mess. I don't like playing against them either because of the annoying horse archers but not enough to quit the match! I agree they need to be significantly overhauled.
Just throw khuzait in the dumpster and focus on the other faction. The whole concept doesnt fit in the game anyways
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