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Ans99 said:
This discussion probably does not make sense. That is why I write so late.
I agree with several points of your speech.
1st pike is not a weapon against infantry.
2nd Spear is a weapon more suitable for fighting on foot, but it is not perfect (as you know). It has a very limited application.
3rd Something else, but flew out of my head:smile:

Now ... I did not want to start discussions about 1h vs 2h. What I meant compare the weapons available to each faction.

You write about the black armor. Please note that hardly anyone wears it.
Maybe because it's hard to get it or earn it. It costs a lot, and getting such a sum by saber or pike requires a lot of luck.
Example. In the comparison of 1h to 2h weapons (yes I know it makes no sense - unfortunately do not have alternative). Armed with a saber I stand in front of the Swedish infantryman in full plate armor with two-hand sword  (Getting this equipment as a Swede it is not difficult.)
To kill him I have to hit 3 or 4 times, while his one hit knocks me right away.
How much luck do I have?
Otherwise, hardly anyone choose Polish infantryman - even during the siege.

If I am already at the sieges - Please note that on these maps as the Tartar camp, Poland (or Cossack) team does not attempt (or attempts rarely) destroy the gate. However if already starting to destroy it, it takes unmercifully long time.In fact, it is certain death.
The reason is the lack of weapons inflicting more damage.
In the same situation, the Swedes or the Muscovites destroyed the gate in a few seconds.

The conclusion is that the one-handed weapon has no advantage over the two-handed weapon. Inflicts less damage, is shorter. It is faster, right - but only slightly. Perhaps two-handed weapon is too fast?

I'm talking only about the game, because from a historical point of view the Swedes in the seventeenth century did not have such units.
Full plate armor, close helm and two-handed sword - a set just in time for the first battle of Tennenberg (1410).

... and for dessert is worth mentioning the Khanate and their horse archers - or rather the destructive power of their bows. This is probably the biggest mistake of the game.

That's it from me. Waiting for a patch.

That's why you don't use sabers against Swedish guise, just get the Chekan and rape 'em all.  :twisted:
Since this thread are discussing about Mount & Blade : With Fire and Sword version 1.143 , I need to ask this, why I always have black screen but still have ingame-sound and everything works perfectly in this latest version 1.143 ? As I said the only problem is black screen which keep appeared everytime I turn HDR option on , but works perfectly if HDR turned off. Any solution to fix this ? Because I don't think that the developer will release another patch to address this because they seems busy enough in working on Mount & Blade 2.  :???:
polish infantry has much lower chance fight against swedish if both player are on the same skill level. i rarely use the cheken since it is only half length of the swedish zweihander sword. even if you chamber blocked a zweihander attack it is still very hard to land the counter strike with range 70 cheken. and with their balanced pike, the swedish infantry can stop polish lancers as well. they are probably the most unbalanced unit right now, 140 range sword with that full plate armor is way too much. only russian infantry has a fair chance against them in melee.
Yazzy said:
Multilayer Class Guide:

With the coming patch to iron out some wrinkles in Captain Coop mode, we thought we'd take the opportunity to address some of the concerns with faction and class balance in multilayer.

We've completely rebalanced the multilayer classes and factions so that they have unique primary and secondary functions.

Let's start with the breakdown!

The Kingdom of Sweden: 

Infantry: The 17Th century tank, great with large weapons, tougher but slower than other infantry.

Weapon proficiencies:  Excellent with 2h weapons and polearms, not so great with one handed weapons and can use pistols in a pinch but with little accuracy.

Skills: Excellent Ironflesh skill and great Power Strike, but has the lowest Athletic skill of any infantry.

Ranged: Musketeers excel in one thing, shooting, shooting, and more shooting, they are fragile units and have a lower run speed that other ranged classes.

Weapon proficiencies: The highest Firearm proficiency of any ranged unit and middling grenade skills.
Terrible with melee weapons.

Skills: The lowest Ironflesh and athletic skills of any ranged class.

Cavalry: Great in mounted combat and good with ranged combat, this cavalry class is tough and versatile but average with riding skill.

Weapon proficiencies: Great 1h and polearm skills, good mounted range skill too.

Skills: Good Horse Archery, middling Riding skill, and low Powerstrike.

The Polish Commonwealth:

Infantry: A very solid and dependable infantry unit, well rounded in many aspects with few caveats.

Weapon proficiencies: Good with 1h weapons and polearms, middling with 2h weapons, bad with pistols.

Skills: Very good Athletics & Ironflesh. Good Powerstrike.

Ranged:  The 2ND best marksmen class, evened out by higher melee skills and run speed.

Weapon proficiencies: Excellent ranged proficiency, middling to low melee & grenade proficiencies.

Skills: Middling Athletics and Low Ironflesh

Cavalry: The elite lancers of Eastern Europe

Weapon proficiencies: The highest polearm skill of an mounted unit, solid 1h weapon skill, and low but useable mounted archery.

Skills: Great Riding, Good Horse Archery, Power Draw, & Shield, low Powerstrike.

The Crimean Khanate:     

Infantry: A very fast, versatile and flexible on-foot unit.  Used correctly Crimean infantry can turn the tide of any battle.

Weapon proficiencies: Good Ranged and 1h weapon skills, middling polearm usage.

Skills: Above excellent Athletics, Good Shield, Powerdraw, and Ironflesh, low Powerstrike.

Ranged(mounted): The Crimean ranged unit comes in form of a mounted terror and is a force to be reckoned with, beware plated knights!

Weapon proficiencies: Excellent with bows and  middling 1h weapon skill.

Skills: Excellent Horse Archery, great Riding and Powerdraw.

Cavalry(lancers): Exceptionally fast and well versed in mounted arms, a competitive cavalry unit.

Weapon proficiencies: Very good 1h and polearm skill.

Skills: Excellent Riding and great Shield skills.

The Cossack Hetmanate: The Cossack faction, is highly varied and a bit difficult to play, but highly rewarding if one can grasp how to use this flexible and fast faction.

Infantry: Skilled in swords and pistols make this class dangerous at far and near but must be handled with care as they don't possess the toughest skin or armor.

Weapon proficiencies: Good 1h, polearm and ranged skills, low 2h skill.

Skills: Excellent Athletics, middling Ironflesh, low Powerstrike.

Ranged: Good ranged skills, faster than average run speed, and possess the highest grenade skill.

Weapon proficiencies: Very good Ranged and Grenade skills, good 1h weapon skill, low polearm skill.

Skills:  Middling Athletics. Low powerstrike and Ironflesh.

Cavalry: The best mounted gunmen of any faction, mounted Cossacks are fast and wild!

Weapon proficiencies: Great firearm skill. Good 1h and polearm skills.

Skills: Excellent Riding and Horse Archery, low powerstrike.

Moscovite Tzardom: Heavy hitting and aggressive across all classes, beware the Russian bears!

Infantry: The 2nd toughest but hardest hitting infantry unit around, one word: Poleaxe!

Weapon proficiencies: Excellent 2h weapon skill, great 1h weapon skill, middling polearm skill, poor ranged skill.

Skills: Excellent Powerstrike, great Ironflesh, and low Athletics.

Ranged: Similar to Cossacks in melee and ranged skill, but with one big difference...they pack a trusty Poleaxe.

Weapon proficiencies: Very good 2h and ranged weapon skills. Good grenade skill.

Skills: Middling Athletics, slightly higher Ironflesh than other ranged classes.

Cavalry: Hard hitting, versatile, but a bit slow, Moscovite Cavalry can surely make heads roll.

Weapon proficiencies: Great 1h weapon skill, good polearm skill, and middling ranged skill.

Skills: Very good Powerstrike, good Ironflesh, middling Riding & Powerdraw, and low Horse Archery.
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