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Multiplayer Balancing Suggestions

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Hey Folks,

thanks in advance for taking your time to read this.

This is my first post on Bannerlord after some discussions in the ingame chat. I have around 40-50 hours in multiplayer.

First of all I think Bannerlord has the better mutliplayer gameplay compared to Warband, that is due to the more fluid fighting system. However there are still a lot of major and minor balancing issues.

1. Ranged classes are too strong in melee: Tell me if I am the only one but I do not feel any differences in movement or swing speed compared to a melee class, at least classwise. It all comes down to the equipment that is the ONLY factor limiting both speeds. In my opinion that is not a good way to balance classes and does not even make sense at all since melee troops probably had more melee training than ranged ones.

2. Damage calculation only working 50% of the time: Do not get me wrong there are times it works but just as many times where it does not. Just to name some examples: Damage against horses seems way too low when you hit it at full speed in the head with a two handed weapon. Some times you only deal like 60-80 damage when it is unarmored! Then there is the vlandian two hander compared to all the falxes... Is there any reason a falx should deal more damage then a usual straight bladed two hander? Because at the moment the falxes deal a lot more and are even faster. There are even more examples of course.

3. Poorly made hitboxes: I do not even know where to start here. If it is weapons glitching through walls but in the next swing hitting them or the throwing axes flying through horses and men alike. Also you can still run through wooden stairs.

4. The broken Menavlion: Oh God I think i speak for the majority of the players when I say that I hate this weapon. Just as mentioned above the hitbox issues find its peak with this weapon. There is no weapon which is as buggy as this glitch thing. You can swing it through walls even though it is one of the longest weapon. You deal a ton of damage even though you hit your opponent with the staff and not the blade (which makes it really OP when used on horse). It is just annoying as hell to deal with this since half of the players use it to spam left click when there is empire to play. If you are unable to fix it quickly then just remove it temporarily. It is so ridiculously obvious that this weapon is not working AT ALL. Almost laughable that players have to point it out imo.

5. Random pings: That has become a rare thing but it still happens that on some EU servers (I am from Germany) my ping rises above 100, starting from 16 to 25 where it is usually stable. It is NOT my internet connection since I do not have any issues with it in other games or otherwise in general.

6. Shields are too strong in melee: I am fine with how shields work against projectiles but the attack angles which are still covered by shields in this game are ridiculous. There are so many cases where an attack from BEHIND or one of the sides gets blocked. Also it takes way too many hits to destroy a shield even when you hit it with a two handed axe which was made to counter shields you need AT LEAST 4 hits. Not to mention how many hours it needs with a two handed sword for example.

That is it for now there are more issues with the multiplayer definitely but these are the major ones imo.

Thanks to everyone who took his time to read this wall of text. I wish I could give you a tl;dr but I cannot think of a way to shorten this properly.

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