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Much less war, much more character building, city and adventure quests, economy and city building

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I love the game and have already put over 300 hours into Bannerlord with 3 different play through's.

However i am starting to get bored of the constant battles in the late game and the length some battles can take when both protagonists have over 1000 men as well as the way the reinforcements load in. Battles become meaningless, repetitive and grindy in the late game and the engine constantly foisting more and more wars on you makes it really tedious. I love the integration of strategy and sandbox rpg in the game but i think the mechanics of the late game are heavily in need of expansion. I would like to see much more emphasis on politics, alliances, city building, quests and relationship building, as well as much more ability to control allied parties and armies.

I want more quests in the regions and cities with quest lines that are unique to those characters and regions and more rewards than just access to some better troops.I would love to see secret societies, religious sects which you could join or attempt to eliminate, dukes and minor factions you might work for in the early game and just more interesting npc's. Unique characters like smiths, bandit chiefs, merchants and warlords who would have unique quest lines that added to your character development and the sandbox element. In simple terms, more skyrim, less constant large scale battles.

Also, once you have a kingdom of your own you spend the whole time just fighting far from your kingdom. Kings and emperors should be spending more time in their castles, cities and regions dealing with politics, policies, economics, trade, construction works, diplomacy. And less time wandering around in an army/ warband constantly fighting. Once ive carved out a kingdom for myself I often just want peace and some time to build it up, its economy, its armies, its fortifications, its foreign relations and to have some sense of control over war and peace. But I get no time to do so and even if i did this element of the game is not very developed and pretty dull/ pointless.

Id like to see a lot more of kingdom and city/ village development in the game. Projects that take years to complete and give unique influence, renown and technological benefits. For example a great wall the Khuzaits could build in the north to defend from attacks, a new fort the empire could build that would cut off a route into their land, fortified and patrolled trading routes in Aserai lands or a special smithy in Marunath for Battanians. You could have a lot of fun with these mechanics. I would also add more opportunities to develop towns and cities along the lines you choose, whether you want to focus on religious and prestige symbols, industry, trade, education or military. You could again have cultural variations to these preferences and have towns that were more suited to different focuses, for example lycaron might be a centre of learning and prestige while Marunath suits being a city focused on industry and military

Also much more politics both within and between factions. Within factions id like to see alliance building, the ability to overthrow the emperor, more contentious policies, court intrigue, plots and more mechanics involved in influence building. Between factions id like to see military and defensive alliances, trade agreements, diplomatic missions and marriages, shared aims/ targets.

I could go on for much longer but my final ask in this thread would be much more control of faction armies and parties when you are king. Being able to nominate the leader of armies in your faction and assign parties to them would be brilliant. And being able to tell them what city to siege, region to patrol place to defend has to be implemented. I would like to be able to see enemy armies in my territory and get proper notifications when they invade my lands and siege territories in my kingdom (not just fiefs i own).

In general wars should be less common and more manageable and strategical. Much more emphasis should be on character development, legend building, quests and voice acting, immersion in the world. With the battles in the late game being more epic and decisive affairs. Then you might just have the greatest game ever :smile:
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